MARY DESIREE: Music is my sanctuary

25 07 2012

New music writing from Ignas Bautrenas!


“Music is my sanctuary,” says Mary Desiree. “It’s my shelter from the wind when I feel angry or upset. To me music is like libraries and diners… When I’m feeling mad or upset about something – that’s where I go to find peace. Or I just sit down and write a song!”

Mary Desiree, the 21-year old singer and songwriter from Queens comes across as a quiet girl with a radiant smile, but this is a classic case of don’t-judge-the-book-by-it’s-cover. Her music speaks of heartbreaks and loss. “Music is very personal to me,” says Mary. “Every song I write is based on something real, something that I have experienced. This is my way of dealing with things.” She admits, however, that the first few songs she ever wrote were a lot happier. “I was a high school sophomore taking vocal training classes and writing a well-structured song was a homework assignment. And just like any normal sixteen-year-old I wrote about love and wore a heart on my sleeve. It was very cheesy. But that was years ago. Time passed. I got introduced to new things. New experiences happened. My view on the world had changed and, naturally, so did my songwriting.”

Now Mary Desiree is a waitress and a mother, but often enough she picks up her guitar and makes the magic happen. “Having so much to do every day makes me tired and more irritable. And when I get irritated – I write. It’s a great way to release emotions. Anger is my inspiration nowadays and songwriting is my way of coping with it. I realized that the songs that I wrote when I was upset and angry – they are the most beautiful ones. It’s strange… I am normally a pretty happy person.”



ELECTRIC SIX returns to NYC!

31 05 2011

it’s only one gig but it shall be a SWEET, SWEET gig nonetheless! our other all-time fave (next to the giraffes) is detroit’s mighty, mighty (what’s with all the doubled words..?) ELECTRIC SIX. you might know them from ‘gay bar’ or ‘danger! high voltage’ or you might not know them at all, but now’s a good time. to know them, that is.

Key Words: Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, Glenn Beck, Lady GaGa, Louis Pasteur, You. If you’ve ever attempted to continue living on planet Earth in our lifetime, you understand full well that there are many forces acting against you. The forces acting against you are oppressive, like the humid march of days. These forces like to play with things before they destroy them. You are being destroyed by forces. You. 

You should by now also understand there are two forces working on your behalf. The only reason you still have a fighting chance are Detroit’s premier over-21 band Electric Six… and the benevolent violence and magnetic gravitational pulses of the stars, planets and moons in the cosmos.


the band is playing brooklyn’s THE BELL HOUSE this thursday, june 2nd with township & les sans culottes (we saw the latter on one of e6’s summer concert cruises – they were pretty french.. and pretty awesome!). electric six is currently touring on the truckload of juicy material they’ve amassed over the years since their debut, 2003’s fire – count ’em: señor smoke, switzerland, i shall exterminate everything around me that restricts me from being the master, flashy, KILL, andddd finally, the most recent, zodiac (whew!).

check out some quick clips from the last time electric six came to town (in september @ bowery ballroom) below & after the jump!

formula 409 + guitar SOLO!


long island city’s 1892 terracotta works building – exposed!

13 05 2011

i am a flag-waving born & raised long island city girl, and this building – the new york architectural terra-cotta works building – ranks pretty high on my list of things i love about my neighborhood.

it’s a mysterious little red building just under the queensboro bridge and across from the new ravel hotel on vernon blvd. it’s from 1892! and is still standing! i passed by recently and HAD to take photos – these are BRAND NEW and feature the building with many of its gorgeous elements exposed for the first time in god knows how long. previously wood casings were around them, but due to some renovation work going on it seems they’ve been left open to the elements. check this OUT!




INTERVIEW: Vespertina’s vocalist and Queen Wolf, Lorrie Doriza

5 05 2011

A month or so ago we tipped you off on a sick new music project called Vespertina, a twisted mix of trip hop, pop, and classical meticulously crafted with the kind of dramatic melodies, catchy hooks, and haunting imagery that’ll cling to your mind for days. This ain’t your classic fairy tale or even the usual tumble down the rabbit hole – acclaimed producer Stoupe (of Jedi Mind Tricks) and dynamic vocalist/pianist Lorrie Doriza have come together and created a world all their own – deranged, impassioned, eerie, fantastic – but altogether powerful and utterly unique.

The pair’s debut album, The Waiting Wolf, is set for release next week on May 10, and they’ll be playing their first NYC show the day after at Bowery Poetry Club. We spoke with Lorrie in the lead-up to these milestones in her Vespertina journey to find out just what running with the wolves has been like thus far, and what she’s looking forward to in the months to come.

Vespertina - The Waiting Wolf

Lorrie Doriza – Vespertina’s Queen Wolf. Where did this title come from and what does it mean to you?

Haha, I don’t really remember, but I think it merely started as a joke and it kind of grew from there. Besides, if you’re amongst wolves, it’s better to be the Queen rather than Little Red, right?

Let’s jump back to the beginning for a moment. This isn’t the first time you and Stoupe have worked together. How did that come about and what was it about that collaboration that stood out to you?

A couple months into working on The Waiting Wolf, Stoupe asked me to collaborate on a song for his solo producer album, Decalogue. It was a very new writing process for me, so that song was more of an experiment at the time, but turns out people really liked it. Stoupe basically sent me a 2 measure loop of a riff and then just said “write a song over this.” It was a little nerve-wracking and I kinda thought he was testing me; I’d never written a song that way so it was good practice.

It’s been a few years since then and Vespertina is the new word on everyone’s lips. How did you and Stoupe decide to work together on this project, and how did you decide on its very particular aesthetic?

Vinnie Paz, from Jedi Mind Tricks, had heard my music online and told Stoupe about it. Stoupe thought it was fitting to his style so we decided to start working on a few songs to see how it would go. The Vespertina aesthetic grew from the vibe of the songs, our mutual love for quoting classical music in our own songs and my obsession with the theatrics of opera. I’ve always wanted to sing in an opera, wear the costumes and get lost in my role, but I love writing music too much to do that for real. I really wanted to make the Vespertina shows into a dramatic spectacle, with a live string quartet, costumes, the works… I think the music really lends itself to that visual, so why not? Music should be all encompassing.

What has the songwriting and recording process been like for The Waiting Wolf?


Cuts by Acey Slade

25 04 2011

What’s the first thing you’d think a guy who has sold over a million records would do with his free time?


Well if you guessed cut hair YOU’RE RIGHT!

This awesomely talented man, Acey Slade (of – Dope, Murderdolls, touring bassist for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and his current band Acey Slade and The Dark Party – fame) also cuts hair! And though this post is mostly here as an excuse for me to show off my badass pink hair, I need to give credit where credit is due.

…because basically I failed when I did it myself and Acey saved my hair!

Speaking of Acey Slade, here’s him playing with Joan Jett. I’m not judging here, this is just a wild moment.

And inarguable awesomeness:

Check out Acey Scissorhands on Facebook. ‘Like’ him and love your cut.


BAD BUKA: exorcise your demons with gypsy punk rock

15 03 2011


what is there to say about this insanely amazing band?!?! the term they coined for their particular brand of music nearly says it all: GYPSY PUNK ROCK. but i can say it all in two: PURE. ENERGY.

BAD BUKA is an 8-piece band force of nature that began its life as PANONIAN WAVE. straight out of my hometown borough of queens, i’m convinced they can play ANYWHERE and own it. who said the outer borough doesn’t bring it?!

here’s something i wrote for local music site LICNotesBad Buka is the kind of band that defies explanation – they bring their lively Balkan roots to NYC with the richness of world music, punk rock attitude, and even the spunk of ska. Their energy is so PURE that listeners are immediately converted. Theirs is the kind of music that any person of any musical background or taste can absorb, dance to, lose themselves in, and commune with. At a Bad Buka show, you truly become part of a shared experience – a transfer of energy from band to crowd and back again, over and over and over. This band is simply one of a kind.

eric & i caught them at greenpoint’s bar matchless a few weeks ago and managed to stop dancing long enough to take a few videos (!!!) and pix. check these out but PLEASE experience this band in person – dance out your demons!



the storied last GIRAFFES show with aaron lazar

1 03 2011



the last GIRAFFES show with aaron lazar – SOLD OUT.

it was fucking AMAZING. they killed it.

and the crowd. was. INSANE. so thankfully our awesome SNT brother in arms EDDEN spent his time videoing from the side of the stage and caught all the action of the last couple of songs.

check it out!

HAUNTED HEAVEN [end] (from the giraffes LP)