JEANNE MARIE BOES: Hard work breeds sweet fruits

29 11 2012

New music writing from Ignas Bautrenas!


“Someday I want to make my living just playing music,” Jeanne Marie Boes tells me. This young singer-songwriter from Astoria, Queens doesn’t doubt her upcoming success one bit. “Music is my life,” she says, “I go to sleep and wake up to it. For the last few years I’ve been taking every possible way to make it as a performer and I believe that hard work breeds sweet fruits.” There is not a sign of doubt in Jeanne’s voice and upon listening to her music performed live and on her records I must admit her confidence is well-deserved.

Jeanne on BalconyTV in 2012 – watch the video here

Jeanne grew up in a house where Frank Sinatra was played alongside Led Zeppelin, so her musical background is anything but one-sided. “My parents always listened to different kinds of music and I loved it. We had a piano in the house, so naturally I began tapping the keys and hearing the different sounds it made. I started playing the piano seriously at an early age and simply never stopped. Probably never will,” says Jeanne.

Jeanne’s latest video for “Answered Call”



PEPPER rocks NYC & gives SNT an exclusive interview!

27 09 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011 – Hawaii based rock act PEPPER incites multiple riots on the street of NYC. Their Webster Hall show – with fellow acts Ballyhoo! and The Expendables – managed to get NYC wetter than Hurricane Irene.

With direct sexual demands of the crowd from bassist Bret Bollinger, fluids poured from the fans into the city streets. With pheromone-drenched air and racing reggae/rock tunes emanating from the venue, spectators – appalled by the scene – were overtaken by the good vibes and all the bangin’ and joined in themselves. The domino effect of participating onlookers spread until nearly half of Manhattan was gettin’  it on.

Actually, most none of that happened. But Pepper came to rock Webster Hall, playing through hits and fan requests – and was awesome enough to do an exclusive interview with Sugar -N- Thunder via email.


CALLmeKAT: When Owls Are Out, Doctors Without Borders & live in NYC!

14 09 2011

When it comes to making music, Copenhagen’s Katrine Ottosen is what you might call a natural.

Performing and recording under the name CALLmeKAT, she offers up lovingly crafted tunes at once melancholic and playful, soulful and sauntering, that are based around her voice and vintage keys, but also infused with electronic hints and atmospheric details. Although delicate and minimalistic at times, her music has a definite presence, a certain power to it – each track draws you in with its gorgeous, hypnotizing clarity. This is untraditional yet still wonderfully melodious pop, strung with striking lyrics and absent of the extreme overproduction so common in the genre these days.

NYC fans will be lucky to experience CALLmeKAT live this Thursday, September 15th at 9pm as she jet-sets from the Popkomm Festival in Berlin to the Lower East Side’s own Rockwood Music Hall, playing with B-52s bass player Sara Lee and drum wiz Joe Magistro. The show is celebratory for a number of reasons: not only is she finishing up a new album, but she’s releasing When Owls Are Out – a very special reworking of her 2008 release Fall Down plus fan favorite track “Bug In A Web.” In addition, Ottosen has teamed up with PledgeMusic to give music back to her fans and donate a percentage of her total pledged amount to Doctors Without Borders, the international medical humanitarian organization that provides impartial, independent aid to those suffering in over 60 war-torn countries. Visit her PledgeMusic page HERE for more details.

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch CALLmeKAT before she embarks on the next phase of her adventure. Be sure to like her on Facebook, and check out some of her music after the jump!