Sugar -n- Thunder presents: NYC/USA PREMIERE of FEAR EATS THE SEOUL!

31 10 2011

We are RIDICULOUSLY excited to announce that SUGAR -N- THUNDER is bringing NJ (Nick) Calder’s “FEAR EATS THE SEOUL” to the USA! We’re hosting the very first USA screening of the film, which also happens to be the very first screening in NJ’s hometown of NEW YORK!


“Fear Eats The Seoul” is NY-born filmmaker and School of Visual Arts alum NJ Calder‘s feature film debut, the first expat-made genre film in Korea. 24-year-old Calder is proudly representing a young new generation of filmmakers who have embraced the digital revolution of cinema. He not only wrote and directed the film, but also shot, cut and co-produced it as well.



long island city’s 1892 terracotta works building – exposed!

13 05 2011

i am a flag-waving born & raised long island city girl, and this building – the new york architectural terra-cotta works building – ranks pretty high on my list of things i love about my neighborhood.

it’s a mysterious little red building just under the queensboro bridge and across from the new ravel hotel on vernon blvd. it’s from 1892! and is still standing! i passed by recently and HAD to take photos – these are BRAND NEW and feature the building with many of its gorgeous elements exposed for the first time in god knows how long. previously wood casings were around them, but due to some renovation work going on it seems they’ve been left open to the elements. check this OUT!




back in the saddle: golden dogs, disturbed, lola staar

28 03 2008

okay so now it’s time for A BARRAGE OF RANDOM UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!

the golden dogs kicked ass at piano’s (158 ludlow at stanton) on the 20th! piano’s made for a nice little venue, decorated with long mirrors and HUGE pictures of tropical scenery. the bar in the front was packed to the HILT but through a glass door in the back is the stage area. there was a good turnout, which i was definitely happy to see, and the cap and i arrived to catch the middle/end of NYC band heavy rescue – the lead singer made me smile because you could tell that he loved being up there – he was belting out the lyrics off the mic even when it was the piano player’s turn to sing the vocals. they seemed proud of what they were doing, and it was cool.

the golden dogs took the stage as a four piece – dave azzolini on vocals and guitar, jessica grassia on keys and vocals, taylor knox on drums and stew keyduk on bass. neil quin, who we had met at the golden dogs’ electric six gigs last year, is no longer in the band (neil you rocked! take care, man!). i don’t know when the dogs will be back, but they rocked the shit out of NYC while they had the chance.

as we said to dave after the show, “you just spilled your guts all over the stage!” and they really did. the nervous energy is just radiating out of them, perhaps best exemplified in jessica’s bouncy piano playing! their set included “birdsong,” “construction worker,” and “runouttaluck,” as well as a song the two of us hadn’t heard before called “painting ape,” the captain’s favorite, “dynamo,” and my favorite, “saints at the gates,” which got a particularly great crowd response. they of course took the opportunity to blow everyone away with their rendition of “nineteen hundred and eighty five,” which the captain later told me he never wants to end! the song is great on CD but when you hear it live and watch them drain that song for all it’s worth – classic concert moments, people.

the crowd shouted for an encore, but the dogs were beat – and i don’t blame them. the “golden dogs show is a bloodletting” comment certainly holds up. it was great to see them in NYC again, but even as they return to canada, keep an eye on these guys!