JEANNE MARIE BOES: Hard work breeds sweet fruits

29 11 2012

New music writing from Ignas Bautrenas!


“Someday I want to make my living just playing music,” Jeanne Marie Boes tells me. This young singer-songwriter from Astoria, Queens doesn’t doubt her upcoming success one bit. “Music is my life,” she says, “I go to sleep and wake up to it. For the last few years I’ve been taking every possible way to make it as a performer and I believe that hard work breeds sweet fruits.” There is not a sign of doubt in Jeanne’s voice and upon listening to her music performed live and on her records I must admit her confidence is well-deserved.

Jeanne on BalconyTV in 2012 – watch the video here

Jeanne grew up in a house where Frank Sinatra was played alongside Led Zeppelin, so her musical background is anything but one-sided. “My parents always listened to different kinds of music and I loved it. We had a piano in the house, so naturally I began tapping the keys and hearing the different sounds it made. I started playing the piano seriously at an early age and simply never stopped. Probably never will,” says Jeanne.

Jeanne’s latest video for “Answered Call”



Guest Post: Jeanne Marie Boes on Nicole Atkins live at Bowery Ballroom

21 02 2011

Astoria-based singer/songwriter Jeanne Marie Boes graces Sugar -n- Thunder with her presence and a review of Jersey-born songstress Nicole Atkins live at Bowery Ballroom! Photos by JMB.

On this lovely sunny day, I find myself writing about one of my favorite performers of the last few years. With a voice that soars, and a presence that lingers – she is Nicole Atkins.

Taking influence from and incorporating 60s psychedelic rock, blues and a beautiful string orchestra, she is the epitome of everything we’re missing in music today. With an EP (released in 2006), her debut album (2007), and a covers EP (2008) under her belt – a second LP (released February 8th, 2011) is now available, called Mondo Amore.