New Series on SNT: DeFaced!

20 11 2011

We at SNT are very pleased to introduce a brand new series of posts:

by Michael Stahl

           You’ll never be the same

We’re definite fans of Mike’s reality-twisting wit and perceptivity, and of course the fact that he knows very well how to roll with both the profane and profound! We’re really psyched to welcome him to the SUGAR -N- THUNDER family with this, his inaugural post, that offers a new take on one of America’s best loved sitcoms: Seinfeld!

DeFaced will feature Mike’s counter-critical approach applied to, not just film and television, but, in the spirit of SNT’s all-inclusive wingspan of topics, “anything and everything” that comes to either his drunken or sober mind.

Welcome, Mike!


A Blessay* by Michael Stahl

To begin simply, Seinfeld is one of the best television shows of all time, regardless of genre.  And it would be hard to argue against anyone who ranks it at the very top of such a list.  The innumerable Seinfeldisms have been well-documented: “double-dipping,” “re-gifting,” “close-talker,” and so on and so forth.  Multiple networks still constantly air reruns, and we’re grateful for that because it’s still better than anything else on (Can it be over 13 years since the last new episode?).  This brand of success is attributed to the very plain fact that bazillions of people can relate to the content, just like any form of entertainment that garners such mass appeal, coinciding with overwhelming critical applause.  I present to you a new way to quantify that show’s ability to attract such a dynamic audience with the use of New York Magazine’s “Approval Matrix.”

I’d guess that anybody who picks up a hard copy of New York Magazine, and is familiar with its typical layout, will inevitably make a concerted effort to peruse the final page.  The Approval Matrix is the staff’s way of creating a “deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on [their] taste hierarchies” and is divided into quadrants rating what is despicable vs. brilliant vs. highbrow vs. lowbrow in all that is that edition’s week in pop culture.  Should a (drunken?) person view The Approval Matrix as a dartboard, Seinfeld, the series as a whole, scores a bull’s-eye.