royal flush fest 2011! or: why indie kicks ass, always

30 10 2011

royal flush fest 2011 came! saw! and CONQUERED!

first off – it was so wild seeing “ogden” up on the big screen as part of RFF’s sunday shorts!! big congrats to mike wilson & SNT’s own eric whiptastic again! like it on FB to find out about future screenings & the like.

secondly – we caught some awesome f@*&(!king flicks. it’s so inspiring to see the versatility and variety of what indie filmmakers are doing RIGHT NOW. we thought we’d share some of our faves from the end of the fest with you – keep your eyes open for indie screenings and support, support, support!



Eric Whiptastic & Mike Wilson’s OGDEN premieres at Royal Flush Film Fest!

14 10 2011

We are reaaaallly f&@!*king excited because Mike Wilson and SNT’s Eric Whiptastic’s short film OGDEN will be premiering at the super sick Royal Flush Film Festival this weekend!

Since 2005, Royal Flush Festival has had a huge audience, rabid for the latest and best in independent film, underground art & rock and roll. Royal Flush Festival is NYC’s unique arts festival, acclaimed by the press for its eclectic choices and punk rock aesthetics. Held every year at New York’s famed Knitting Factory, the RFF is the most-excellent, anticipated & must-see event of the entire year!


The Mike and Eric Show: DOCUMENTARY!

29 08 2011


That the storied MIKE AND ERIC SHOW DOCUMENTARY was finished earlier this year?!

First of all, if you don’t know what The Mike and Eric Show is, click HERE. It’s basically a webshow starring Mike and Eric produced in good ol’ Brooklyn, NY that has evolved into a non-reality reality that perpetually clashes with reality to make an entirely NEW reality. You heard me.

Secondly, this is one of Mike and Eric’s most insane undertakings to date. COUNTLESS. LIFE. HOURS. SPENT. This footage even somehow survived an apparent hard drive destruction.


Please feast your eyes on a FULL-LENGTH documentary involving pretty much everyone we at SNT hold near and dear, to chronicle the RISE and eminent FAIL of The Mike and Eric Show.


Anddd.. to watch the original episodes from Season 1 click HERE, and to watch the newest episodes (still being added) for Season 2, click HERE.

Thanks to EVERYONEEE who has been a part of the thousands of hours put into The Mike and Eric Show through the years. WE WANT TO TOUCH LOVE YOU.

joan jett LIVE in coney island!

17 07 2011

last week we had the divine pleasure of seeing rock & roll queen JOAN JETT live and in the flesh, playing with the blackhearts as part of coney island’s seaside summer concert series (thanks marty markowitz, you’re a peach)!

what can you even say?! she still looks hot, still sounds amazing, and still sports that trademark mischievous smirk we all know and love. the band (feat. acey slade on bass!) was tight, and she was just stunning. they spiced the setlist with runaways tracks and mega hits, in addition to cuts from the 80s and more recent albums alike. opener (and blackheart records band) girl in a coma warmed up the crowd – personally i thought frontgirl/guitarist nina diaz’s voice was mesmerizing! rock on, girlie!

for your viewing and listening pleasure we took some videos, and made sure to film the jumbotron screen to get you in on the close-up action ;)

put another dime in the jukebox,

da leopard


ELECTRIC SIX returns to NYC!

31 05 2011

it’s only one gig but it shall be a SWEET, SWEET gig nonetheless! our other all-time fave (next to the giraffes) is detroit’s mighty, mighty (what’s with all the doubled words..?) ELECTRIC SIX. you might know them from ‘gay bar’ or ‘danger! high voltage’ or you might not know them at all, but now’s a good time. to know them, that is.

Key Words: Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, Glenn Beck, Lady GaGa, Louis Pasteur, You. If you’ve ever attempted to continue living on planet Earth in our lifetime, you understand full well that there are many forces acting against you. The forces acting against you are oppressive, like the humid march of days. These forces like to play with things before they destroy them. You are being destroyed by forces. You. 

You should by now also understand there are two forces working on your behalf. The only reason you still have a fighting chance are Detroit’s premier over-21 band Electric Six… and the benevolent violence and magnetic gravitational pulses of the stars, planets and moons in the cosmos.


the band is playing brooklyn’s THE BELL HOUSE this thursday, june 2nd with township & les sans culottes (we saw the latter on one of e6’s summer concert cruises – they were pretty french.. and pretty awesome!). electric six is currently touring on the truckload of juicy material they’ve amassed over the years since their debut, 2003’s fire – count ’em: señor smoke, switzerland, i shall exterminate everything around me that restricts me from being the master, flashy, KILL, andddd finally, the most recent, zodiac (whew!).

check out some quick clips from the last time electric six came to town (in september @ bowery ballroom) below & after the jump!

formula 409 + guitar SOLO!


THE GOLDEN DOGS cross the border, rock Brooklyn

26 05 2011

We always look forward to our Canadian friends THE GOLDEN DOGS returning to the States because not only are they awesome people to hang around with, they’re seriously talented musicians who are insane to watch live. They’ve got such crazy energy and a kind of power all their own, and it was no different when they played Glasslands in Brooklyn last month.

Check out the video below for some highlights of their killer set that night as they blasted through tracks like “Darkroom”, “Runouttaluck”, “As Long As You Like”, “Permanent Record”, and more.

Previously on SNT, Eric told you why you should let The Golden Dogs F you up with awesomeness by checking out their newest album, Coat of Arms. They have a bunch of ways you can interact with the songs from this album on their site, so have a listen and support ’em!


only in NYC: freestyle jam on the G train

20 04 2011

heading home around 1am on the G train last friday night (after seeing the golden dogs @ glasslands – amazing! – vids to come), eric and i turned around and saw THIS!

what started as someone freestyling all of a sudden turned into a full-out jam with (what seems like) THREE unique parties – a rapper, a small band, and an electric guitarist with an amp strapped to his back. seems like they were mashing up the rapper’s freestyles with a song (beat and verse/chorus) of their own, with the electric guitarist playing along – and adding some echoey epicness towards the end!

what i really love about this occurrence is this: talent is EVERYWHERE in NYC, including in the trains. i’ve seen everything from acrobats to magicians to mariachis to doo-wop groups. what’s special about this is that they weren’t formally performing – it seems like they didn’t even know each other! they didn’t ask for money – just jammed, then went their separate ways. pretty damn awesome.

edit/ this video features eddie b., S.K., gHSTS n gUITARS, and jay octane!

– da leopard