Purveyors of PROFANE & PROFOUND!

Founded by Eric ‘Captain’ Whiptastic & Audrey Leopard in February 2008, two NYC criminals, er – creatives – with a penchant for extreme kicka$$ery, SUGAR -N- THUNDER is a multimedia website & production house.


Receives 3,000+ hits per month (and counting!), with awesome search visibility. We write about and feature literally anything and everything we want – media running WILD! – including music, movies, web-shows, reviews, photography, philosophy, rants, and interviews. We’re also open to suggestions for posts AND love to feature new writers on the site, so what are you waiting for?! EMAIL US to contribute!


Check out a selection of our previous productions here, and find out what we can do for you here. We’re really big on collaborations and making new friends! We’re especially interested in helping people create awesome content to promote themselves with without totally breaking the bank or boring the audience.

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AUDREY LEOPARD (current SNT editor; see my other work here)

who i am & what i do: writer, editor, poet, singer, webmaster, proofreader, photographer, actor, promotions, booking, public relations, hosting, interviewing, voice overs, rocking & rolling, raw power, exclamation points (!!!)

it’s a good thing i’m used to juggling a lot of balls… wait.

i’ve been a lot of things in my life – ranging from managing editor of a queens arts mag to battle of the bands judge to amateur trapeze artist to video vixen for my favorite band to high school prom queen (.. really). i love writing, meeting people & telling their stories, and sharing the awesome things i discover with the world.

i’m also really good at jumping over things. (because i’m from the jungle!)


– some random drunk @ a giraffes show

ERIC ‘CAPTAIN’ WHIPTASTIC (SNT mastermind & co-founder)

This is what I do:
Video: Act, Improv, Direct, Film, Edit, Produce
Audio: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming: Record, Mix, Master
Graphics: Photos, CD/DVD layouts, T-shirt design
Words: Screenplays, fiction, reviews, rants and…. philosophy
Why do I take the time to pick up all these skills? TO ROCK YOUR FUCKEN FACE OFF!!! You want entertainment for the future? I am the future! I AM ALL! I’m like the New World Order, taking over EVERYTHING, but instead of leaving yo ass in FEMA camp I’ll give you a movie, soundtrack and promote like a champ… yeeeah!

In 2004 I acted in and edited a high school Stress Management class project called Chunky Monkey. The uproar of laughter from the class (despite the low grade due to the content) inspired me to continue to act and edit. The same year I compiled the best takes of live tracks from the band I played bass in, Inanimate Girl, mixed them, and put them out along with 3 videos I also edited. Finally, starting in 2004 (also starting as a High School project) through 2007 I wrote Tibby, an adventure tale of a video game controller. Since then I’ve pursued all of these vents for my unsettled creativity, improving with every new project.