What can we do for YOU?

In addition to running this crazy multimedia blog website, SUGAR -N- THUNDER also offers film and media services (currently to NYC/East Coast-area clients only) including:

– Live show/interview video packages
– Live show tapings
– Music videos
– Promo reels
– Mini-commercials
– Traditional interviews
– Music production (recording, mixing, mastering)

We can also hook you up with a bunch of other stuff, if you ask nicely.

We may be young, but we’ve got years of experience in a variety of fields (audio, video, music, mixed media including graphic design and photography, print and digital journalism including live hosting, short and feature-length film editing, project management, social media) and plus – we’re not assholes, which is always a plus. ;)

Reasonable rates, ask for samples, let’s talk – hit us up!