Selected Productions from Eric Whiptastic below – check out more recent projects HERE!


– The Mike and Eric Show: Season 2 – The guys drop the booze for caffeine laden drinks, physical excitement is guaranteed. [New episodes being posted!]

Dj faLAYsheOH rayDIO MUMBERS EP – debut ep from drug induced rapper Dj faLAYsheOH rayDIO. This album is multiple minutes of largely improvised raps and Auto Tuned beats (really). The album has multiple appearances of characters from The Mike and Eric Show.


WEMZ* – Expanded acoustic melodies, songs by Mike Wilson –  Recorded and Mixed.

– The Mike and Eric Show Documentary – A chronicle of the rise and eminent fail of The Mike and Eric Show. [Now available online in its entirety!]


– Ogden* –  A time traveler or crazy man, disoriented in the present trying to make sense of his situation. Official Selection – 2011 Royal Flush Film Fest!

– Rumanian Buck – Blindness of the Bat – Music video cut from footage from the band’s debut show and singer Aaron Lazar’s Punk Rock Pillow Fight match.


– Baby Steps McCarthy – Remixed and Remastered album from the unknown legend and true father of rock Anna McCarthy.

– Gay Bar Gone Too Far – A goth man is haunted by the song Gay Bar by Electric Six.

– The Mike and Eric Show: Season 1 – Hard hitting news in a drunken tornado. [Watch the episodes on YouTube!]


– Tibby – changing the world with the most awesome power… of words! –  Follow the adventure of Tibby, the walking, talking video game controller, on his journey to get beer and pie for The Wizard Drain Pirate…

– Chunky Monkey (remix) – Improved visual effects and updated soundtrack.


– Captain Whiptastic Owns You* – going solo – 7 tracks of oddities and awesomeness all performed, mixed and arranged by yours truly (out-of-print).


– Inanimate Girl (band)*  – mixed and arranged self titled EP (out-of-print).

– Chunky Monkey* – Acting Awesomeness – A story about 2 teenagers attacked by a stranger. Karate Matrix fighting ensues.

We’ve also filmed live performances for The Giraffes, gONNA gET gOT, Evil Cowards, Consider the Source, Lorrie Doriza, Midnight Foolishness, When Distance Fails and more. Check it out on YouTube.