VIDEOSMARTS: babymetal. just. BABYMETAL.

5 03 2012

so it’s monday morning. and if your mind wasn’t already being blown by all that goddamn work you have to do (pssh, work)..

i want to blow it. FURTHER (?)

so, you know. j-pop + metal + rap. sung by adorable little asian girls.



want.. MORE?


VIDEOSMARTS: ‘fantastic voyage’ by lakeside

17 01 2012

it is hiiigh time for another edition of videosmarts.. and this one is a KEEPER.

GLORIOUS does not even begin to describe this.. i wish i could live in this video. 80s FUNK IS THE BEST. if i had to listen to that and disco for the rest of my life.. i would probably be okay.* probably with little to no function left in my limbs from eternally dancing, but probably OKAY.

(*i am reminded that i cannot live without QUEEN or the giraffes or electric six, so scratch that.. but the sentiment is there.)

lakeside had a #1 hit in 1980 with this ridiculous(ly AMAZING) track, “FANNNTASTIC VOYAGE!” it’s just the perfect visual translation of how music like this makes me feel. BEHOLD. everyone is HAPPY. and OUTRAGEOUS. and a PIRATE.

i would like all of 2012 to feel like this, thank you. it’s a longshot but – hey, anything can happen.


VIDEOSMARTS: ‘parlez-vous francais?’ by art vs. science

20 10 2011

thank the royal flush film fest for this latest VIDEOSMARTS gem…

RFF kicked off the (AMAZING!!!!) rubble kings screening with this video. i had only heard this band’s name here and there so this was the first time eric and i actually listened to a track of theirs.. paired with these visuals, it. was. perfect.

this is ART vs. SCIENCE and the insanity that results when you dedicate an entire music video to MIME WARS.



VIDEOSMARTS: ‘money shot’ by mustard pimp ft. jimmy urine

8 06 2011

it’s JUNE! and here’s another brand new edition of VIDEOSMARTS for ya:


whilst trolling mindless self indulgence’s tumblr, eric & i came across a video we had never heard of. luckily for us, it turned out to be some SICK SHIZ. ‘money shot’ is a track from mustard pimp featuring. none other than everyone’s favorite frontman, MSI’s JIMMY URINE! it’s also set to some serious animated insanity – check it out!

last time we saw MSI on SNT…


VIDEOSMARTS: ‘i’m on crack’ by the left rights

31 01 2011

back! in! ’79! i did the john belushi.. in 1992! i did the chris farley.. in 2008! i did the cloverfield monster.. i said – fuck that shit! and went back to the belushi..

yes it’s so f&@ked up, but oh so CATCHY! presenting the spankin’ new video for MSI-offshoot THE LEFT RIGHTS‘ song, “i’m on crack” !!! it’s everything you’d expect a video about crack to be.. rainbows and dancing cats included (?!?!!). the vid is just under 2 minutes and starring a hilarious lead actor that makes every! second! count! SNT sends a big cracky thank you to creator mike diva.


and ps: make sure you read eric’s post about how the left rights’ new album can be easily turned into the MSI album that should have been. sho’nuff.

– da leopard

VIDEOSMARTS (LIVE!): ‘blindness of the bat’ by rumanian buck

23 11 2010

THROWBACK VIDEO TIME! hi, i miss RUMANIAN BUCK (the insanely awesome solo project of giraffes frontman aaron lazar – get schooled, boy).

this isn’t an official video, but.. eric actually whittled this video with his BARE HANDS. so.. thanks. this is live footage from the first EVER rumanian buck show at santos party house several moons ago, which just so happened to be a PUNK ROCK PILLOW FIGHT! yes and yes. sick-ass memories, i can tell you that!

ladies & gents: BLINDNESS OF THE BAT.

– da leopard

VIDEOSMARTS: ‘math’ by demander

19 10 2010

we are hereby kicking off a new category on SUGAR -N- THUNDER, ceremoniously dubbed after the super-amazing learning toy VIDEOSMARTS we used in the late 80s to GIT OUR LEARNZ ON [side note: check this teaching teddy video.. YES!!!].

BUT NOW! here is an awesome video from an awesome NYC band by the name of DEMANDER! i adore the two gals at the heart of this band and i certainly adore this song off their latest record, FUTURE BRITE!

just in case you’re interested, i also interviewed these lovely ladies for QRO Mag at the end of last year. check it out!

and here it is.. ‘MATH’!

– da leopardddd