Top 5 Reasons to love Mike Patton

3 03 2012

Don’t know what I’m talking about?? Really? Ok trust me, you know this guy. Ok remember this? Pretty awesome for a band that didn’t know the 80’s were over. In any case.. Oh yeah ever play GTA San Andreas? How’s this?… Oh the memories.. The civilian killing, airplane crashing, gang war… bicycle riding….. Hot Coffee mod memories….

Anyway, our man of the hour Mike Patton‘s dynamic resumé of acts includes a track done with the Book of Knots, of which of course includes Joel Hamiliton… And who is that, you may be wondering? Well he mixed and mastered a TON of tracks for SNT’s favorite band  The Giraffes…..

I’ll just leave this here

Ok but really, on to Mike Patton

5. Because really, fuck Anthony Kiedis

So I like RHCP, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t at least like one song from them but EVERYONE I know who has read ‘Scar Tissue’ says to watch out, because apparently he is a major douche.

And looking at this picture I will fully agree

Anyway according to Wikipedia, “Kiedis saw Patton performing with Faith No More and accused him of imitating his style. … Following [an] album release date clash, Kiedis had Mr. Bungle removed from a series of summer festivals in Europe; as the headlining act at the festivals, The Red Hot Chili Peppers had final word on the bands that would appear. Patton stated ‘Our agent was in the process of booking these festivals, and it was becoming apparent that we’d landed some pretty good ones – one in France, another one in Holland, some big-name festivals. Turns out someone’s holding a grudge! We were booted off several bills, specifically because Anthony Kiedis did not want us on the bill. He threatened to pull the Chili Peppers if Mr. Bungle was on the bill. Now, rationalize that one! That’s so fucking pathetic! I mean, this guy’s selling a million records! We are not even a speck of dust on this guy’s ass! What’s the fucking problem?’ … We found out it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so our manager called their manager to find out what the hell was going on, and their manager was very apologetic, and said, ‘We’re really sorry, we want you to know this doesn’t reflect the management’s position, or the band’s for that matter, it’s Anthony Kiedis who wants this.'”

“As a result, Mr. Bungle parodied the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Pontiac, Michigan on Halloween of 1999. Patton introduced each Mr. Bungle band member with the name of one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers…Mr. Bungle also satirized many of the mannerisms of the band, mocking heroin injections and on-stage antics.”

That whole band fucking rocks for that!

4. I think he is a Time Traveler

After watching the next video I’m pretty sure he traveled back to 1975 and banged some girl who had a child that later grew up to be Brandon Boyd. That is the ONLY explanation I can find for this


Top 6 Mashups!

24 09 2011

Here’s some of our favorite mashups for your listening pleasurez….

We Will Rock You vs. Hey Ya (Queen vs. Outkast)


Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers and/or Complete Ripoffs

2 08 2011

1. Everything from Led Zeppelin
Here’s a clip from the Howard Stern Show running through a bunch of hits from Led Zeppelin and comparing them to the originals. It’s not ‘maybe they stole them’ or ‘those songs sound really similar.’ They’re straight up rips.

2. Joan Jett – Do You Wanna Touch Me
We did a post on Joan Jett playing in Coney Island. It was a great show and I had a great time. This is just one of those ‘oh shit, that’s a cover?’ moments. It’s also one of those ‘who the fuck cares if it’s a cover, it’s better than the original,’ moments.

Whatever this guy is a fucken pedophile so yeah

3.  Anthrax – Bring the Noise
OK first of all I don’t even know if this counts. Public Enemy essentially covered their own song with Anthrax, making a badass metal hip hop fusion that brings me right back to my junior high days of sitting home playing the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 demo on PS1.

The original:

Now with Anthrax:

This is at least 14 times better… at least! It’s no wonder John Connor was into them, he has to get pumped to this. Get ready for robo bashing time

Speaking of which, fuck Christian Bale

4. Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

This one totally surprised me. I was chill being all in my hot pink hair, then I hear the opening notes of Gangsta’s Paradise and I’m all about to bug out to my jam when all of a sudden I hear the smooth voice of Stevie Wonder and I’m all like ‘he covered Gangsta’s Paradise?’ No no no Pandora knew better. I look over and see it’s Pastime Paradise. Coolio covered (parodied?) it, making it all about street life and the like.


Ark Music Factory Top 5 Videos

26 04 2011

Though none are as famous as Rebecca Black’s Friday, these videos are – well if anything they are far, far worse. Friday is so fun to make fun of, these are mostly sad…. ok they’re fun to laugh at too.

There’s something about talentless tweens with their parents’ $$$$ that just makes for a spectacular fail.

#5 Hooked on You by Devon Fox

Ok unless you’re on X Files or in a video game, you can’t have ‘Fox’ in your name (isn’t that the same intro to Friday?)

Second of all when are these prepubescent boys going to realize that until they grow hair on their balls, they are going look and sound like women, and other than closet lesbians their fan base is primarily sick dirty old men. Who wants to appeal to that?!

America has lost its masculinity….. anywho

#4 Danika, I Don’t Need you Boy

Ha she looks like Stevie Wonder in the intro!

Ah saved by the rapper guy with lines like “his element of surprise is not in front of you or your back, you gotta watch your back, like kryptonite.” I mean why is this guy wasting time with kids when he can make his own music right? *sigh*


When do you REALLY become a New Yorker?

26 02 2011

I saw an article about “how do you know when you become a New Yorker?” and as entertaining it was, I was all like “yeah but… I KNOW what it takes.” So here’s the logic, if you wanna be one of us, WE gotta let you in. That’s opposed to meeting whatever standard set up by some people born in Montana or something.

So here’s what you gotta do to be one of us:

1. You understand that ALL OF THE BOROUGHS make up NYC, not just Manhattan. (arguably Staten Island)
2. Paradoxically we call Manhattan ‘the city’
3. Most importantly, most New Yorkers don’t actually live in Manhattan – rent is too high, driving and parking here is a bitch – that is unless you’re our rich ass boss, then of course you live in the city.
4. #3 DOES NOT include Hipsters, in Williamsburg – I would argue against them but they’re just not worth anyone’s time, they just don’t count.
5. Understanding #3 and #4, Manhattan is just our mall. It’s only good for a job, shopping and going from Brooklyn to Queens because the G train sucks.
6. PIZZA, any real New Yorker knows that brick oven bullshit is just a ploy for wannabe New Yorkers living in Manhattan to think they’re getting something authentic while the rest of us DON’T get ripped off and get regular pizza on nearly any street corner. Because…
7. The best pizza is every pizza. Except for a hand full a shit spots, it’s all the same and it’s all good. It’s as if there is one unified pizza making consciousness. Sure some places are better than others, but in the end it’s better than Manhattan burnt ass dry, sloppy-chopped-pepperoni-trying-to-look-home-made crap. But mostly…
8. New Yorkers don’t give a shit, good or bad, the bigger slice, the better pizza.
9. But enough about pizza, you DON’T refer to directions in Manhattan as going North, South, East or West. That is an ultimate telltale sign that you’re not from here. New Yorkers go “this way” or we might say “go that way” or maybe “I have no idea, let’s walk this way… if the numbers go lower, we’re going the wrong way.”
10. You skip at the movies
11. You have never been to (or will never go again) to New Years at Times Square
12. You couldn’t give a shit about Times Square since Virgin closed
13. You view the people who come here and live in Manhattan as tourists anyway. Those fancy big windowed apartments are just glorified hotel rooms for your migrating ass to stay in until your job relocates you to some other city like Chicago or some shit.

Conclusion: when by these standards, you dislike outsiders, you are a New Yorker. This could take 1 day until never if you think merging with the standards of fake ass New Yorkers makes you a New Yorker.

Born and raised baby!

SNT LIST: dustin’ off the hitz

29 11 2010


here’s one hot off the presses: TOTAL. RANDOM. AWESOMENESS.

[apologies in advance for the vids that need you to jump to youtube to watch ’em.. bureaucracy!]

1. nasty feel – mgmt vs. notorious BIG vs. justice. i f@&!*cking love this remix in an extremely unhealthy way. LISTEN. NOW.

2. i fought the law – the clash. can’t. get. it. out. of. my. head. just a great, catchy, iconic song, plain and simple!

3. september – earth wind & fire. i was insanely ELATED when i FINALLY found out what song this was.. i’ve loved it FOREVER. you should too. DISCO4LIFE

4. valium knights – spinnerette. ‘i’ll take it all, give me more – i will be your hero and your whore.’ check please. brody rules.

5. wishing well – black sabbath. DIO can do no wrong, and now he’s slaying dragons (or befriending them?!) in heaven. LOVE this song. ‘THROW ME A PENN-AYYYY & I’LL MAKE YOU A DREAMMM.’ YES.


S-N-T LIST: audrey leopard’s shiz i loved this year

9 12 2009

we’ve been wanting to start doing S-N-T LISTS for a super long time, and there’s no better time to start than NOW.

my 1st list is 10 songs i LOVED this year, all at different times, all for different reasons. here goes:

WHY: i am a SUPER out of the closet hall & oates fan. SUPER. so much in fact that i am currently watching their ‘live at the troubador’ concert on PBS. TOTALLY (haha). ‘private eyes’ is just awesome, especially the clapping bit at the chorus – it always makes me think of seeing them live with my brother (FOR FREE! thnx marty markowitz?!) in coney island this past summer, which is an AMAZING memory, and i always feel lucky to have it. it’s good to listen on the way to work when you feel miserable. ROCK N’ SOUL, MAN. and, yeah, it doesn’t even need to be said how amazing h&o are – i want to dance foreverrrr when i hear them! just awesome music to be happy to.

WHY: HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS SONG? haha – even when i didn’t know much about GGG, i absolutely loved this song, even just for the title – ‘the girl ain’t ready’! that’s what people say whenever they have to meet up with me, because i’m NEVER ready. on time, anyway. -wink- the speedy tempo, the totally catchy chorus (especially!), and nearly breathless, nutsy rhymes that seem to keep poppin’ off faster and faster – the whole package is just awesome, i’ve listened to it over and over. it’s also good to listen to when you want to get yo a$$ MOVIN’! ie: when you’re running late. ahem.

WHY: i was totally not into the hype surrounding MGMT – i actually wrote them off as a hipster thing that i wouldn’t be into, but a friend of mine made me a mix and ‘electric feel’ was on it, and – holy shit. easily one of my favorite songs EVER – there was an instant, instant connection that i feel every time i hear it. just everything about it is amazing – the lyrics, the bouncy disco/electro groove, and how it KICKS in for the chorus (oh man).. i always feel like it connects me with who i truly am, at the heart of me. ‘plug it in and change the world/ you are my electric girl!’ heart. truly thankful that this song is in my life.

WHY: this song truly helped me out in one of the most trying times i’ve struggled through as of late. the two gals in demander are also two of the most amazing ladies i’ve ever met – positivity is absolutely LEAKING out of them and you CANNOT be upset when you’re around them, their energy is pure and contagious (and when i say ‘pure,’ i mean it). ‘song 7’ is a track off their as-yet-unreleased new album, ‘future brite,’ and as soon as i heard it, it just hit home, so, so hard. all at once i realized again why i love being a music writer, why i love listening to new music, why i love MUSIC in general and the unexpected connection you can have with a particular song – ‘i can’t always think about better days, it’s not that i don’t think that they’re not on their way, today’ – it just absolutely summed it all up at that moment. it’s not that i’m not hoping for better times, it’s not that i don’t believe in them – it’s just that you can’t always be connected to them all the time, and that’s exactly how i felt at that moment. amazing lyrics, amazing song. even the SOUND of it seemed to fit that time. i’ve shed some tears to it, too! but i needed it – super special song, indeed.