The Mike and Eric Show: DOCUMENTARY!

29 08 2011


That the storied MIKE AND ERIC SHOW DOCUMENTARY was finished earlier this year?!

First of all, if you don’t know what The Mike and Eric Show is, click HERE. It’s basically a webshow starring Mike and Eric produced in good ol’ Brooklyn, NY that has evolved into a non-reality reality that perpetually clashes with reality to make an entirely NEW reality. You heard me.

Secondly, this is one of Mike and Eric’s most insane undertakings to date. COUNTLESS. LIFE. HOURS. SPENT. This footage even somehow survived an apparent hard drive destruction.


Please feast your eyes on a FULL-LENGTH documentary involving pretty much everyone we at SNT hold near and dear, to chronicle the RISE and eminent FAIL of The Mike and Eric Show.


Anddd.. to watch the original episodes from Season 1 click HERE, and to watch the newest episodes (still being added) for Season 2, click HERE.

Thanks to EVERYONEEE who has been a part of the thousands of hours put into The Mike and Eric Show through the years. WE WANT TO TOUCH LOVE YOU.

The Mike and Eric Show.. It’s Non Transfundable

2 07 2011

According to my very reliable sources The Mike and Eric Show was born on November 24th 2008, making it multiple months old. Since the show does not simply reference other videos on the internet nor does it show practically naked girls dancing, or playing acoustic covers, and because it doesn’t cheaply parody every last drop of popular media, we remain coasting under the radar. And that’s just fine! This way we don’t have to pay for the rights to all the music we use!!!! And hey, at least we can’t get cancelled!

Also, we now come up in YouTube’s autofill in the search bar. If that’s not an accomplishment I don’t know what is. Here’s a fun fact: As of “The Mike and Eric Show Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2” we have a total of 47 original characters. If one of those dont start getting attention… I don’t know what will.

Since WordPress still hasn’t become user-friendly functional kind enough to allow embedded playlists you can watch “The Mike and Eric Show: Halloween Special” now and check out some clips from all the other episodes here!


edit/ psst.. they’re also on facebook, and the documentary is now available in its entirety online! – da leopard


1 04 2011

VOTE FUNNY and keep the mike & eric show fully funded and alive. .. j/k. we just want to be famous on the internetz.


– da leopard

ps: you can see more of the mike & eric show here and here!


3 02 2011

someday.. someday this will be a world-famous wikipedia entry, but for now – it’s time to tip our hats to sugar -n- thunder’s pet project:


what IS the mike and eric show? well.. it’s







maybe it’s just better if you WATCH!

the mike and eric show is basically a touching story of two friends who have a webshow what happens when two friends who get really f*&@(!cked up all the time have a webshow. but it’s so much MORE than that… there’s special guests. and book reviews. and music. and news. and bodily harm. and WEATHER. WEATHER. and a sh!tload of insane characters you’ll want to get a restraining order for get to know.

the 1ST SEASON of the mike and eric show is sittin’ pretty on youtube, or you can check the SNT sidebar -points to the right- for some favorites, OR you can watch this infomercial brought to you by SPITTLIN’! (who just so happens to be the show’s producer)

… YES. andddd after obliterating themselves with drugz -n- drinkz in the 1st season, the cast returns – hopped up on a few new vices and with a host of new characters and special guests – in the 2ND SEASON! what can you expect?!

the DEBUT EPISODE OF THE 2ND SEASON has already appeared on youtube (CHEKKIT!), and lucky for you internet people, THAT’S! NOT! ALL!