SNT + NJ Calder + Dark Party = VIDEO SHOOT!

30 04 2012

we’re teaming up with NJ CALDER (of korean horror flick fear eats the seoul) to do a video for ACEY SLADE & THE DARK PARTY this wednesday at SAINT VITUS BAR – if you come to the show that night you can be in the video too!

be there and rock out with usdoors @ 8pm, $10!

it’s gonna be wild..


– da leopard

ps: we totally surpassed our top hits EVER this month – over 3,000 views… YES! 

THANK YOU! please keep reading, keep sharing, keep liking. we appreciate everything!

Eric Whiptastic’s book TIBBY now on Amazon!

27 03 2012


You may or may not have heard that SNT’s own Eric Whiptastic wrote an epic story some years ago called TIBBY.

What’s the book about? Well…

Follow the adventure of Tibby, the walking, talking video game controller, on his journey to get beer and pie for The Wizard Drain Pirate. To have his one wish granted in return for the tasty snacks, Tibby will have to return before Jimmithy the Evil Vicodin Pill gets to the Wizard or kills Tibby, whichever comes first.

And that’s just the beginning..

You can now buy this book RIGHT HEEEERE on Amazon for only 99 cents!

And you can also like Tibby on Facebook cuz, you know.. That’s what you do.


PS – How awesome is cover design?! It’s by none other than Aaron Lazar of The Giraffes, Rumanian Buck, and now DON’T!

Fear Eats The Seoul premieres TOMORROW!

2 12 2011

We are crazy excited for the NYC/USA premiere of NJ (Nick) Calder‘s feature debut “Fear Eats The Seoul” tomorrow!

We are even more excited because NJ will be joining us LIVE and in person for his NYC homecoming!!!

Get the full post with info HERE, but quick details are below:

“Fear Eats The Seoul” Premiere
Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 @ 9pm
at The eGarage in Long Island City, Queens (2 stops into Queens from Manhattan)
44-02 23rd St, Studio 104 – Long Island City, NY
Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door
21+ bar and wine
Screening of Eric Whiptastic & Mike Wilson’s dark comedic short “Ogden” before the film
Live Q&A with NJ after the film – in person!

We’ve also got two more awesome updates:

Check out the brand new feature story/interview SNT comrade, journalist Chris Engelhardt, wrote about NJ!

ALSO! Chris and SNT’s Eric Whiptastic have joined forces to launch an awesome new series called the Thunderclap Podcast!!

Last night’s episode is brand spankin’ new and features a live interview with NJ – check it out!

See you guys at the movies and thanks again for all your support!!

VIDEO INTERVIEW: MC Lars + live clips!

11 11 2011

A few weeks ago we got to hang with the one and only MC LARS after the last show of his tour at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on 10/29/11 (the same weekend of NYC’s freak October snowstorm!) to film a little interview video that features some seriously golden advice for creatives of any kind, especially when it comes to validation and what “making it” really means!

Interview by Audrey Leopard, shot (in the rain/snow & darkness..) & edited by Eric Whiptastic

We love MC Lars and his post-punk laptop rap because he’s a true inspiration for DIY’ers everywhere, especially indie musicians. He runs with the new model of the music biz – download/steal/burn my music, buy my merch (see “Black and Yellow T-Shirts“!!), come to my shows and we’ll all have a good-a$$ time. He wisely turned his back on the superficialities of the industry in favor of doing it all himself, working REALLY hard, and having an awesome time doing it. MC Lars stays true to himself, his message, and the music he wants to make, and because of his work ethic, devotion to his fans, and killer business savvy he’s been able to make a real living off of it, which is every DIY’er’s dream.

MC Lars, you f&@*(!king RULE. Check out the interview for some awesome words of wisdom from Lars in the falling snow ;) as well as what’s coming up next for him – including a kids hip hop album, a literary album, a book on the history of hip hop AND a kids hip hop TV SHOW!!!

Check out his music HERE on Bandcamp (he just dropped his latest album Lars Attacks!), AND don’t forget to check out our clips from the super sick show that night at Knitting Factory after the jump!


SNT VIDEO: Miss Coney Island Pageant 2012!

25 10 2011

The time has come! Here’s our juicy little video with coverage of the 2012 Miss Coney Island Pageant!

Featuring interviews with Lefty Lucy and The Great Fredini, and performances by burlesque superstarlets BB Heart, Bambi Galore, Brooklyn Babydoll, Deity Delgado, Divina GranSparkle, Honi Harlow, Kat Mon Dieu, Kita St. Cyr, Maddy Mann, and Sizzle Dizzle.


Eric Whiptastic & Mike Wilson’s OGDEN premieres at Royal Flush Film Fest!

14 10 2011

We are reaaaallly f&@!*king excited because Mike Wilson and SNT’s Eric Whiptastic’s short film OGDEN will be premiering at the super sick Royal Flush Film Festival this weekend!

Since 2005, Royal Flush Festival has had a huge audience, rabid for the latest and best in independent film, underground art & rock and roll. Royal Flush Festival is NYC’s unique arts festival, acclaimed by the press for its eclectic choices and punk rock aesthetics. Held every year at New York’s famed Knitting Factory, the RFF is the most-excellent, anticipated & must-see event of the entire year!


VIDEO INTERVIEW: Miss Coney Island 2011 and burlesque starlet Lefty Lucy!

9 10 2011

We couldn’t imagine kicking off our SNT video coverage in a more awesome way than with the 2012 Miss Coney Island pageant!

We spoke with Miss Coney Island 2011, LEFTY LUCY, before the start of the show. Looking as glittery and fabulous as ever, Lefty talked to us about what wearing the crown has been like this past year, what makes her burlesque acts unique, and what you can expect from Coney Island this fall – this fun doesn’t stop just because summer is over!

Lefty made her debut in the NYSB Showcase in January 2009 at the Slipper Room, and has been performing, kittening, and gogo dancing all over the East Coast ever since. She’s a founding member of Storybook Burlesque and original cast member of Epic Win Burlesque, and also co-produces Drive Thru Burlesque with Sizzle Dizzle.

Video interview by Audrey Leopard, shot/edited by Eric Whiptastic – check it out after the jump!


The Mike and Eric Show: DOCUMENTARY!

29 08 2011


That the storied MIKE AND ERIC SHOW DOCUMENTARY was finished earlier this year?!

First of all, if you don’t know what The Mike and Eric Show is, click HERE. It’s basically a webshow starring Mike and Eric produced in good ol’ Brooklyn, NY that has evolved into a non-reality reality that perpetually clashes with reality to make an entirely NEW reality. You heard me.

Secondly, this is one of Mike and Eric’s most insane undertakings to date. COUNTLESS. LIFE. HOURS. SPENT. This footage even somehow survived an apparent hard drive destruction.


Please feast your eyes on a FULL-LENGTH documentary involving pretty much everyone we at SNT hold near and dear, to chronicle the RISE and eminent FAIL of The Mike and Eric Show.


Anddd.. to watch the original episodes from Season 1 click HERE, and to watch the newest episodes (still being added) for Season 2, click HERE.

Thanks to EVERYONEEE who has been a part of the thousands of hours put into The Mike and Eric Show through the years. WE WANT TO TOUCH LOVE YOU.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes/Ape with AK-47 mashup

17 07 2011

So here’s the real trailer, brought to you by SUGAR -N- THUNDER…

(Thanks to SNT comrades Edden & Francisco for the idea, and Eric for the editing!)

The Mike and Eric Show.. It’s Non Transfundable

2 07 2011

According to my very reliable sources The Mike and Eric Show was born on November 24th 2008, making it multiple months old. Since the show does not simply reference other videos on the internet nor does it show practically naked girls dancing, or playing acoustic covers, and because it doesn’t cheaply parody every last drop of popular media, we remain coasting under the radar. And that’s just fine! This way we don’t have to pay for the rights to all the music we use!!!! And hey, at least we can’t get cancelled!

Also, we now come up in YouTube’s autofill in the search bar. If that’s not an accomplishment I don’t know what is. Here’s a fun fact: As of “The Mike and Eric Show Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2” we have a total of 47 original characters. If one of those dont start getting attention… I don’t know what will.

Since WordPress still hasn’t become user-friendly functional kind enough to allow embedded playlists you can watch “The Mike and Eric Show: Halloween Special” now and check out some clips from all the other episodes here!


edit/ psst.. they’re also on facebook, and the documentary is now available in its entirety online! – da leopard