2012: a creative call to arms

19 01 2012

this came to me this morning on the bus en route to work.. a creative call to arms. this year, every year – this moment, every moment:

in times of chaos, creativity reigns.

it’s the rawness and purity in the primal outreach of your soul. it is this that will heal you – the release.

expression without pretense.

is it art for art’s sake?

rather – art for your sake – which is inextricably linked to all our sakes.

feed your spirit with openness and expression – and the outer and inner worlds will respond in kind.

if it’s one thing we should take with us through 2012 – it’s to listen to the silence between the walls of our heart, the space inside our veins –

what is calling to you when you take the time to listen?

POTENTIAL – of the infinite variety.. the kind that allows you to do anything you want, at any moment.

everything else is noise.

this year – break all the rules, theirs and yours alike.

take the leap – because wings you never knew you had will keep you floating.

there is just no other way.

– da leopard

4 Things I learned from switching over to a Mac

9 12 2011

if only I could

Trying to make money doing .. well anything is getting harder and harder. The last thing I wanted to worry about is industry standard bullshit, but unfortunately I had to give in. As a video editor it practically doesn’t matter what level of skill I have, if I’m not running on Final Cut I’m doomed to be rejected over some software segregation that has embedded itself in the minds of people who know absolutely nothing about editing. In any case, I finally broke and got a Mac. Here’s what happened.

(p.s if anyone has any simpler solutions to these problems please feel free to share them)

1. How in the motherfuck do I burn a cd?!

As Mac pushes to kill compact disk, I think they’ve made it intentionally harder to even deal with one if you still have a cd drive. Back with my PC if I wanted to burn some music, I put in a blank disk, go to my trusty Windows Media Player, go to our drop my tracks and click burn. The End. It took me 20 minutes to find out that in iTunes you first have to make a playlist (which is probably one of the most unnecessary things I’ve heard of in my life) then magically the option to burn appears under File>Burn Playlist to Disk. That’s because it would be to difficult to have that option when I go to the album…. alright.. fine. So say I want to make a data disk, in Windows I pop in the disk, open it, drag my files and click burn… end of story. Not here. Now from the desktop I have to go to File>New Burn Folder, add my files then Burn. In both cases I have completely unnecessary folders left over that I have to remember to delete or else I’m left with extra garbage taking up space.

I’ve yet to find out how to get a data disk or even an audio cd to run on a PC let alone how to change the Artist name in bulk in iTunes.



16 11 2011

as if there wasn’t enough to be furious about…

the big dogs are threatened by us. the fact that EVERYONE IS MEDIA. EVERYONE CAN CREATE. EVERYONE CAN SHARE, to MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF PEOPLE via the internet. business models are changing. old methods are becoming obsolete. WE CAN DO IT WITHOUT THEM. as a result – and does this come as any surprise? – THEY WANT TO CONTROL US.


(yes, you heard that right)






IMAGES LIKE THIS (found on Fight for the Future’s FB):



ps: special thanks to TUMBLR for being the first place i heard about this – thank you for purposely faux-censoring your users and keeping the protect the net link in your header to WAKE THEM UP. (wordpress, what’s your excuse?)

– da leopard / SNT MGMT

Ark Music Factory Top 5 Videos

26 04 2011

Though none are as famous as Rebecca Black’s Friday, these videos are – well if anything they are far, far worse. Friday is so fun to make fun of, these are mostly sad…. ok they’re fun to laugh at too.

There’s something about talentless tweens with their parents’ $$$$ that just makes for a spectacular fail.

#5 Hooked on You by Devon Fox

Ok unless you’re on X Files or in a video game, you can’t have ‘Fox’ in your name (isn’t that the same intro to Friday?)

Second of all when are these prepubescent boys going to realize that until they grow hair on their balls, they are going look and sound like women, and other than closet lesbians their fan base is primarily sick dirty old men. Who wants to appeal to that?!

America has lost its masculinity….. anywho

#4 Danika, I Don’t Need you Boy

Ha she looks like Stevie Wonder in the intro!

Ah saved by the rapper guy with lines like “his element of surprise is not in front of you or your back, you gotta watch your back, like kryptonite.” I mean why is this guy wasting time with kids when he can make his own music right? *sigh*


RIP – Nothing Toxic

8 03 2011

My favorite – gore/accident/gratuitous sex clip/referrer to even more fucked up sites – site is dead. I don’t know why.

click to check an archive snapshot

The site’s Facebook page only offers an apology for the abruptness, but no reason. This site just put up an entry on Nothing Toxic. I assume NT’s untimely death somehow has to do with Break.com (the url links there now). I always thought there was a connection – NT would load with a link something like “connecting to media.break5.com.” Break uses something like “media.break4.com”. What sucks is that there is no way that Break will lower its censorship to provide the level of gore and depravement that the viewers of Nothing Toxic enjoyed. (The same shit happened when boring ass Liveleak took over ogrish.com or when College Humor killed AllDumb.com). All Break has to compare is bullshit Tru TV clips that have bullshit commentary from some comedians that hardly anyone knows or cares about.

Don’t you see… this is why people like clips on the internet, so we don’t have to have drawn out, voiced over nonsense.

We want to watch what we want to see, and get it over with as soon as possible – and on to the next video!

Now what? There’s always theYNC but that’s a little too extreme, or mental zero… if you’re into racist fucks being fucks.

It was a good run Nothing Toxic, thanks for 5 years of rotting my brain, and Back to the Future references in your video descriptions. You went out unexpectedly, like many people have done in your vids. You’ll be missed.

I wonder if rotten.com updates anymore.



Break’s lame attempt to pretend like they’re gonna host vids like Nothing Toxic

Yeah each “category” just links to the video in the thumbnail

UPDATE 10-27-11
As far as I can tell Nothing Toxic is absolutely NOT back. Their Facebook hasn’t been updated since May when they were promoting some lame Break videos

BUT if you want a new site other than what is listed in this article, check out STOP RESISTING, the internet’s premier Police Brutality site!

When do you REALLY become a New Yorker?

26 02 2011

I saw an article about “how do you know when you become a New Yorker?” and as entertaining it was, I was all like “yeah but… I KNOW what it takes.” So here’s the logic, if you wanna be one of us, WE gotta let you in. That’s opposed to meeting whatever standard set up by some people born in Montana or something.

So here’s what you gotta do to be one of us:

1. You understand that ALL OF THE BOROUGHS make up NYC, not just Manhattan. (arguably Staten Island)
2. Paradoxically we call Manhattan ‘the city’
3. Most importantly, most New Yorkers don’t actually live in Manhattan – rent is too high, driving and parking here is a bitch – that is unless you’re our rich ass boss, then of course you live in the city.
4. #3 DOES NOT include Hipsters, in Williamsburg – I would argue against them but they’re just not worth anyone’s time, they just don’t count.
5. Understanding #3 and #4, Manhattan is just our mall. It’s only good for a job, shopping and going from Brooklyn to Queens because the G train sucks.
6. PIZZA, any real New Yorker knows that brick oven bullshit is just a ploy for wannabe New Yorkers living in Manhattan to think they’re getting something authentic while the rest of us DON’T get ripped off and get regular pizza on nearly any street corner. Because…
7. The best pizza is every pizza. Except for a hand full a shit spots, it’s all the same and it’s all good. It’s as if there is one unified pizza making consciousness. Sure some places are better than others, but in the end it’s better than Manhattan burnt ass dry, sloppy-chopped-pepperoni-trying-to-look-home-made crap. But mostly…
8. New Yorkers don’t give a shit, good or bad, the bigger slice, the better pizza.
9. But enough about pizza, you DON’T refer to directions in Manhattan as going North, South, East or West. That is an ultimate telltale sign that you’re not from here. New Yorkers go “this way” or we might say “go that way” or maybe “I have no idea, let’s walk this way… if the numbers go lower, we’re going the wrong way.”
10. You skip at the movies
11. You have never been to (or will never go again) to New Years at Times Square
12. You couldn’t give a shit about Times Square since Virgin closed
13. You view the people who come here and live in Manhattan as tourists anyway. Those fancy big windowed apartments are just glorified hotel rooms for your migrating ass to stay in until your job relocates you to some other city like Chicago or some shit.

Conclusion: when by these standards, you dislike outsiders, you are a New Yorker. This could take 1 day until never if you think merging with the standards of fake ass New Yorkers makes you a New Yorker.

Born and raised baby!


28 01 2011

Yeah Kinect’s cool, and custom soundtracks are pretty cool too, good way to get rid of those whiny emopunk bands on all the racing games.


How to Make a New MSI Album

14 12 2010

Considering what a Hot Topicized piece of shit the last Mindless Self Indulgence album “If” was (click here to read a review of “If” detailing why it was so f-ing lame. I’m not judging, I know, I would do it too. It’s not easy for a local NYC act to secure their financial future in order to keep rocking for years to come.. but… It must have sucked playing with such shitty bands like Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance and dealing with their screaming prepubescent fans/older …fans, who still like them!?!), I am stupidly happy to see how awesome the new Left Rights album “Bad Choices Made Easy” is. Now the last Left Rights album had more songs about poop and hard onz than I could ever ask for. This album has even more poop! Even more HARD ONZ! LITTLE HARD ONZ at that!

But what is that under all those pubes? A hidden Mindless Self Indulgence album?!

Here’s how to get a full MSI album out of “Bad Choices Made Easy”:

Step one: get “Bad Choices Mad Easy” (don’t torrent it!)

Step two: Steal the album cover image from whoever you can using Google image search (get the one without any words on it to make step 3 easier).

Step three: Photoshop “Mindless Self Indulgence” onto the picture in some shitty form or another. Here’s mine:

Step four: Now here’s the step that actually matters. Take the following tracks (the order I put them in rocks):

1. Fuck MSI: Seriously, other than being left off “Despierta Los Niños” (yeah didn’t think I’d notice you recycling that airplane sample from Wack!) why does this even exist, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Left Rights.

2. I’m on Crack: Hey if a real Left Rights album could have mad MSI references, a fake MSI one can have one. Samples Left Rights’ last album but again, over a minute and goes from verse to chorus.

3. Why You In My Phyzical: Auto-tuned madness, straight to the punch, this song fucken rocks and really it makes me wonder, Why You In My Phyzical?

4. Genesis 16:12: no poop + no Steve + video game references + over 1 minute = MSI

5. Super Suburb Chix: Aside from xylophone and pitch change, the samples on this song make it sound like it got kicked off “Frankenstein Girls” (unlike Mark David fucken Chapman which was made after compiling the results from a couple of online voting polls and was supposed to sound like “Frankenstein Girls”… it didn’t… for shit… at all…. total fail)

6. Geeks for Fans: Quotes from the interviewer on the track, “When is the TIGHT re-release? Where are the other members of Mindless Self Indulgence?” Talking about MSI = MSI

7. XYZPDQBGS: Examine that zipper! Just sounding verrry mindlessy. That’s about it.

8. Whistling Dixie: (see #7)

9. White: “This is better than standing still at a Radiohead concert.” Saving the best for last, White is pure MSI. The sarcasm! The insensitive references! All with a touch of nonsense and it’s catchy as hell. Here’s their badass video directed by Jhonen Vasquez (this video is such….. an experience).

And that’s it! You now have a new MSI album!

If you want to be super spiffy throw these tracks into a program like NERO where you can take out the time in between the tracks and overlay them by a second, really making it sound like an album (and make you not seem so desperate for new not sucky songs from MSI you lame ass… or not).


p.s. to be fair Animal, Revenge, Mark David Chapman, Pay For It are all old songs recorded for “If,” but … I’ll stick with the live versions of the first two (especially Revenge) and the demos for the last two… just saying.

The Future Sounds…

30 09 2010

… Awesome!!

Hey remember this?! Yeah, that reminds me of this! But it’s the future and we have


I'z Advncd!1!

And considering the future…

(hey shut up, I know what you’re thinking… I’m going somewhere with this)

So you mix Carmen Sandiego and Gary Busey acapella and technology and you get Dub_Fx.

This guy, along with his lady Flower Fairy, travels across the whole of Europe (really, they just came back from Russia) as street performers. Mixing his voice, a wild set of vocal effects and loop pedals, Dub Fx pulls from his soul a full electronic sound detailed with his love for existence, his lady and his personal growth and… spreading a message against the powers that hold control over our lives and our potential as humans to find happiness beyond description (for serious!) .

If you’re anything like me and need a change from the playlist on Lite FM (I swear if I hear Hey Soul Sister by Train one more fucking time I’m gonna look up this fucking guy on Wikipedia, find his name, Google where he lives, then go on Google Maps and find his house, get on a Grayhound [cus I don’t got my license], go to his house and destroy EVERYTHING because I am so sick of hearing about his chest hairs. That’s not fucking song material ok!!!!) and you nead a healthy dose of something not lame, then check out Dub Fx.

Here is a live video for Step on My Trip by Dub Fx (like I said he creates loops to sing over, the song doesn’t really start til about 2:12 but the setup is totally worth watching):

You could also go here to listen to the entire album for free, because at least someone knows it’s the future and how it works.


WY ABRVIATNG TNGS UNCSRILY MKS YU A JRK (or: why abbreviating things unnecessarily makes you a jerk.. jerk)

29 09 2010

now i’m not usually one to uh, sip the haterade (as the kidz say), BUT this has been irritating me for a long time.


i think the first time i really started to notice this extreme downturn in the english language was while i was editing someone’s work for a local magazine. it was a review of a coffee shop and the writer used the “word” POMO to describe the interior. sorry, what? turns out POMO is an abbreviation of POSTMODERN – so not only are you being obnoxious, but you’re using a word that means TEN ZILLION different things to describe the interior of a f&*(#king coffee shop.


after this initial run in, it seemed unnecessary abbreviations were popping up everywhere. washington mutual condensed into WaMu isn’t so obnoxious because their name is long (and obnoxious) in the first place, but THEN. then it carried over into products. like MOUNTAIN DEW abbreviated to MTN DEW. why? just in case you forgot what “mountain” looked like condensed into three letters? saving space on the can so you can put more mountains and green swirly stuff?!

but here come the crowning glories.

recently i stumbled upon the phrase ROM COM in a movie review in entertainment weekly. ROM COM? guess, dear readers, what this could possibly refer to. ROMANTIC. F#@&*KING. COMEDIES. oh – are your fingers tired, you poor overworked EW writers? can’t reach the other keys to type the COUPLE. OF. OTHER. LETTERS. to spell out those perfectly useful and regular-sized words?!

did you also know that NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is now NAT GEO, at least when it comes to their TV channel? why does one of the most respected mediums of scientific and educational programming feel the need to “GET HIP” and truncate (read: massacre) its name? UP NEXT! ON NAT GEO! i shudder everytime.


but my favorite, favorite, FAVORITEEE of them all is what the sci-fi channel did to itself, because it literally makes no sense.

yeah? YEAH? SCI-FI to SYFY. THAT IS LITERALLY AN ABBREVIATION OF AN ABBREVIATION. you know what’s even better? their crock of sh!t explanation about why they did it:

By changing the name to Syfy, which remains phonetically identical, the new brand broadens perceptions and embraces a wider range of current and future imagination-based entertainment beyond just the traditional sci-fi genre, including fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, reality, mystery, action and adventure. It also positions the brand for future growth by creating an ownable trademark that can travel easily with consumers across new media and nonlinear digital platforms, new international channels and extend into new business ventures.


Syfy more clearly captures the mainstream appeal of the world’s biggest entertainment category, and reflects the network’s ongoing strategy to create programming that’s more accessible and relatable to new audiences. Syfy will continue to celebrate the traditional roots of the genre, while opening the brand to accommodate a broader range of imagination-based entertainment.

and what do you know? all of that can be abbreviated to:


i hope a black hole eats you.

– da leopard