4 Things I learned from switching over to a Mac

9 12 2011

if only I could

Trying to make money doing .. well anything is getting harder and harder. The last thing I wanted to worry about is industry standard bullshit, but unfortunately I had to give in. As a video editor it practically doesn’t matter what level of skill I have, if I’m not running on Final Cut I’m doomed to be rejected over some software segregation that has embedded itself in the minds of people who know absolutely nothing about editing. In any case, I finally broke and got a Mac. Here’s what happened.

(p.s if anyone has any simpler solutions to these problems please feel free to share them)

1. How in the motherfuck do I burn a cd?!

As Mac pushes to kill compact disk, I think they’ve made it intentionally harder to even deal with one if you still have a cd drive. Back with my PC if I wanted to burn some music, I put in a blank disk, go to my trusty Windows Media Player, go to our drop my tracks and click burn. The End. It took me 20 minutes to find out that in iTunes you first have to make a playlist (which is probably one of the most unnecessary things I’ve heard of in my life) then magically the option to burn appears under File>Burn Playlist to Disk. That’s because it would be to difficult to have that option when I go to the album…. alright.. fine. So say I want to make a data disk, in Windows I pop in the disk, open it, drag my files and click burn… end of story. Not here. Now from the desktop I have to go to File>New Burn Folder, add my files then Burn. In both cases I have completely unnecessary folders left over that I have to remember to delete or else I’m left with extra garbage taking up space.

I’ve yet to find out how to get a data disk or even an audio cd to run on a PC let alone how to change the Artist name in bulk in iTunes.


Help! “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file”

18 08 2011

Almost anytime I run into a computer problem I look it up, find 80 people with the same problem and not a goddamn straight answer. I usually end up playing around with a couple of settings and finally after days minutes – because I’m awesome – I figure it out.

So here’s what I just ran into:

Windows' way of saying 'suck it'

Here’s whats going on. When you’re running an antivirus it has a whole database of programs to block. These are supposed to just be viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. But it also blocks keygens and other patches used by hackers to pirate software. Now I know no one reading this would ever do such a thing and I would never ever either. But here’s a scenario you are likely to run into – as I just did – where you might be running a program you are testing out for a friend and hit a wall.

Let’s assume best friend Julio says “Hi Sakeem (that’s you), I just created this game called ‘Happy Sunshine Program.’ I’m going to license it, so anyone using it will need a serial number. I want to protect it so Sakeem, my very good friend, I also made a keygen and a patch just like an immoral internet pirate would. I want you to install it without me giving you an official serial number and when it asks to activate online I want you to use this patch. Then, and only then, I can find a way to further block its use.”

You say, “Julio, my very good friend, anything for you, but this seems wrong. It’s all too similar to actions taken by many to avoid paying for software – clearly this is like a gateway drug, but for hacking.” Julio takes a deep breath and sighs. He looks over to his wife Xui Li. Xui Li is confident, wearing nothing but a red sequin wingsuit holding an early 90s Wu-Tang Clan children’s walkie-talkie. She passes one to you and you swiftly crawl over to the bedroom and listen. As you are over 10 feet away reception is nearly lost but this was her intention. She hits the little blue button on her device, creating a beeping sound on yours. It’s morse code, and as one named Sakeem, you are fluent. Xui Li signals the following message, which you easily transcribe.

“Sakeem I understand your concern and though the following information may tempt you or even fall into the hands of a hacker – maybe one who has previously installed CS5 and is now trying to re-install it but it is not working. Maybe it’s the first time they are installing a certain burning rom suite but their patch wont open, even if they run as administrator which seriously works most of the time, not that I would know. Now I need you to do this, but when you do … when you run the keygen and/or patch, you won’t be able to.

When you see the message ‘Windows cannot access the specified device path…” all you have to fucking do is disable all of your antivirus software. You should only be running one anyway but Microsoft probably made you install Security Essentials too – get rid of that shit for good. Then run our Happy Sunshine Program, then run the keygen and the patch as admin – everything will be fine. Then Julio can test out how to block access to the program even further. P.S. I want you.”

tools > advanced settings > temporarily disable AVG protection or something similar, depending on what you're running

You reply, “No shit, that’s it! And all I had to do was read this whole fucking story?!”

The End