MMPR interview: Power Rangers reimagined!

18 08 2012

“Alpha, Rita’s escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!”

… Not exactly.

Presenting (cue the lightning bolts!) MMPR: Power Rangers reimagined!

As you probably guessed, once SNT heard the awesome folks at Codebreaker Productions and Rollin Studios were shooting a brand new POWER RANGERS WEB SERIES – we were all over it.

Director/Cinematographer Dominick Sivilli and Producer Louis Maldarelli answered some questions for SNT about their latest project, which was kept strictly under wraps – until now! The teaser trailer is premiering at the Official Power Morphicon convention in Los Angeles this weekend, and is now LIVE on the web!

Questions and teaser after the jump!


tales from the internet: “entertain people and they won’t hit you”

28 03 2012

so – i just saw this video on film courage, and i had to post it. immediately.

thank you, bill oberst jr.* you are pretty damn awesome.

this video is relatively short and you should watch it, especially if you’re chasing a dream.

sometimes you just need a reminder that even if you were or are the underdog, misfit, bullied, “freak of nature” – you can be stronger for it. on the playground or in the classroom when you were just a kid, or while fighting for a dream for the rest of your life – you can get knocked down, but get back up again. you can “turn your vocation into your occupation.”

as part of this interview, in another video he also spoke about actors getting their own work and not relying solely on their agent/manager. it applies directly to actors but it’s also a bigger issue.. when it comes to doing what you want to do in life – don’t rely on gatekeepers or displace the responsibility you hold for your OWN life and journey onto someone else. don’t make excuses. do whatever you can to blaze your own trail. everyone will tell you no.. say YES.

* bill is a creeptastic horror/thriller actor based in LA who started in theatre and went on to earn tons of film/TV/internet credits, among them – playing the face of the viral facebook app take this lollipop AND starring as honest abe in the upcoming flick abraham lincoln vs. zombies. .. yes, yes. we love it too.

thanks to film courage for the videos, and please do check them out as well! they’re ALL about indie film and supporting creative people who are pursuing their passions.

here’s to dreams,

– da leopard


4 01 2012

SUGAR -N- THUNDER has been a steadfast supporter of Nick/NJ Calder‘s horror feature debut, FEAR EATS THE SEOUL, since the beginning – we were more than thrilled to organize the NYC/USA premiere of the film last month (see the audience below – recap forthcoming!) and are now standing firm on the front-lines in the effort to get this film seen by as many people as possible in 2012. Guess what?! YOU! CAN! HELP!

Fear Eats The Seoul NYC/USA premiere at eGarage in LIC, NY – 12/3/11

It’s just a few days into the new year and NJ has just kicked off his KICKSTARTER campaign for Fear Eats The Seoul. He’s raising much-needed funds to submit the movie to film festivals this year, which will secure audiences it otherwise won’t have the chance to have. Support indie film and the chance we ALL have to realize our dreams. Every little bit counts and besides, there are some awesome rewards including the as-yet-elusive DVD of the film!!!

Click the image above or RIGHT HERE to jump to the Kickstarter page, watch the video, and read all about it.

GOOD LUCK, NJ! SNT is right there with you, burning bright.

– da leopard

Fear Eats The Seoul premieres TOMORROW!

2 12 2011

We are crazy excited for the NYC/USA premiere of NJ (Nick) Calder‘s feature debut “Fear Eats The Seoul” tomorrow!

We are even more excited because NJ will be joining us LIVE and in person for his NYC homecoming!!!

Get the full post with info HERE, but quick details are below:

“Fear Eats The Seoul” Premiere
Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 @ 9pm
at The eGarage in Long Island City, Queens (2 stops into Queens from Manhattan)
44-02 23rd St, Studio 104 – Long Island City, NY
Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door
21+ bar and wine
Screening of Eric Whiptastic & Mike Wilson’s dark comedic short “Ogden” before the film
Live Q&A with NJ after the film – in person!

We’ve also got two more awesome updates:

Check out the brand new feature story/interview SNT comrade, journalist Chris Engelhardt, wrote about NJ!

ALSO! Chris and SNT’s Eric Whiptastic have joined forces to launch an awesome new series called the Thunderclap Podcast!!

Last night’s episode is brand spankin’ new and features a live interview with NJ – check it out!

See you guys at the movies and thanks again for all your support!!

Sugar -n- Thunder presents: NYC/USA PREMIERE of FEAR EATS THE SEOUL!

31 10 2011

We are RIDICULOUSLY excited to announce that SUGAR -N- THUNDER is bringing NJ (Nick) Calder’s “FEAR EATS THE SEOUL” to the USA! We’re hosting the very first USA screening of the film, which also happens to be the very first screening in NJ’s hometown of NEW YORK!


“Fear Eats The Seoul” is NY-born filmmaker and School of Visual Arts alum NJ Calder‘s feature film debut, the first expat-made genre film in Korea. 24-year-old Calder is proudly representing a young new generation of filmmakers who have embraced the digital revolution of cinema. He not only wrote and directed the film, but also shot, cut and co-produced it as well.


royal flush fest 2011! or: why indie kicks ass, always

30 10 2011

royal flush fest 2011 came! saw! and CONQUERED!

first off – it was so wild seeing “ogden” up on the big screen as part of RFF’s sunday shorts!! big congrats to mike wilson & SNT’s own eric whiptastic again! like it on FB to find out about future screenings & the like.

secondly – we caught some awesome f@*&(!king flicks. it’s so inspiring to see the versatility and variety of what indie filmmakers are doing RIGHT NOW. we thought we’d share some of our faves from the end of the fest with you – keep your eyes open for indie screenings and support, support, support!


Eric Whiptastic & Mike Wilson’s OGDEN premieres at Royal Flush Film Fest!

14 10 2011

We are reaaaallly f&@!*king excited because Mike Wilson and SNT’s Eric Whiptastic’s short film OGDEN will be premiering at the super sick Royal Flush Film Festival this weekend!

Since 2005, Royal Flush Festival has had a huge audience, rabid for the latest and best in independent film, underground art & rock and roll. Royal Flush Festival is NYC’s unique arts festival, acclaimed by the press for its eclectic choices and punk rock aesthetics. Held every year at New York’s famed Knitting Factory, the RFF is the most-excellent, anticipated & must-see event of the entire year!


Fear Eats The Seoul – UPDATE!

27 09 2011

We’ve got a little update on the MUCH-anticipated first feature from NY-born, Korea-based filmmaker NJ Calder! We posted an in-depth interview with NJ last year, and he’s come a long, long way since then.

We’d love to offer HUGE congrats to writer/director NJ Calder, producer Whitney Thompson, and all of the cast and crew – Fear Eats The Seoul was completed this year and the film premiered in South Korea on September 19th (check out photos from the black tie event here)!

The first general audience screenings begin next month on October 14th, so if you happen to be in Seoul stay tuned for details and go out and SEE IT! Fear Eats The Seoul is a feature-length horror film about a demon epidemic and the survivors who must overcome not only the monstrosities roaming the streets, but the ones left in their minds.


Now Funding: SAILOR MOON The Movie!

27 08 2011

There are few things we love more than supporting our comrades in their awesome endeavors. We just found out our friend David Paritsky is making a live action American SAILOR MOON MOVIE! Amazing!

Hell yes, boys & girls.

So here’s the story: David is taking a cue from his high school days spent crafting and filming skits and musical numbers with fellow anime/manga fans in his native Long Island. After graduating from NYC’s School of Visual Arts he was itching to start something new, and ended up reuniting some of his original cast for a much more involved project: a full-length, live action Sailor Moon movie. David is wholly dedicated to this project – writing, directing, producing, filming, editing, and even sewing costumes and handcrafting props all by himself (all the while trying not to starve to death living off minimum wage in Manhattan..) – tell me that’s not dedication!

And that’s exactly why you should help him out. The film has been in production for over 2 years and is continually slowing due to lack of funds. YOU can help bring the film to completion – and also snag some spiffy stuff like the DVD, posters, and t-shirts – all by donating to their campaign over at IndieGoGo.

Here’s some more info on the project from David himself:


Rise of the Planet of the Apes/Ape with AK-47 mashup

17 07 2011

So here’s the real trailer, brought to you by SUGAR -N- THUNDER…

(Thanks to SNT comrades Edden & Francisco for the idea, and Eric for the editing!)