SNT VIDEO: Miss Coney Island Pageant 2012!

25 10 2011

The time has come! Here’s our juicy little video with coverage of the 2012 Miss Coney Island Pageant!

Featuring interviews with Lefty Lucy and The Great Fredini, and performances by burlesque superstarlets BB Heart, Bambi Galore, Brooklyn Babydoll, Deity Delgado, Divina GranSparkle, Honi Harlow, Kat Mon Dieu, Kita St. Cyr, Maddy Mann, and Sizzle Dizzle.


VIDEO INTERVIEW: Miss Coney Island 2011 and burlesque starlet Lefty Lucy!

9 10 2011

We couldn’t imagine kicking off our SNT video coverage in a more awesome way than with the 2012 Miss Coney Island pageant!

We spoke with Miss Coney Island 2011, LEFTY LUCY, before the start of the show. Looking as glittery and fabulous as ever, Lefty talked to us about what wearing the crown has been like this past year, what makes her burlesque acts unique, and what you can expect from Coney Island this fall – this fun doesn’t stop just because summer is over!

Lefty made her debut in the NYSB Showcase in January 2009 at the Slipper Room, and has been performing, kittening, and gogo dancing all over the East Coast ever since. She’s a founding member of Storybook Burlesque and original cast member of Epic Win Burlesque, and also co-produces Drive Thru Burlesque with Sizzle Dizzle.

Video interview by Audrey Leopard, shot/edited by Eric Whiptastic – check it out after the jump!


the coney island funny face: it’s NOT tillie!

9 10 2011


you can chalk this one up to eric’s intuition… we both LOVE coney island and so are in near-constant company of the iconic grinning faces that have dotted the landscape for years. we’ve usually heard them called TILLIE, after steeplechase park founder george c. tilyou (the dapper gentleman pictured below), but eric had a feeling that wasn’t the REAL name of this mischievous coney character. so what did we do? hop on over to the coney island history project‘s facebook page to offer up our inquiry!


Blood & Glitter: Miss Coney Island 2012!

21 09 2011

Last Friday night SUGAR -N- THUNDER covered the 2012 MISS CONEY ISLAND pageant held at Sideshows by the Seashore in good ol’ Coney Island USA!

It was a campy and classic feast for the senses featuring burlesque performances from BB HeartBambi GaloreBrooklyn BabydollDeity DelgadoDivina GranSparkleHoni HarlowKat Mon DieuKita St. CyrMaddy Mann, and Sizzle Dizzle!

To say we had a BLAST would be an obscene understatement. The show truly had something for everyone – all the glamour, glitz, and glitter you’d expect laced with blood, bunny heads, hurricanes, hilarity, and oh so much more.. Did we mention the cotton candy and wide variety of pasties?!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re formally kicking off our SNT video and interview coverage with THIS EVENT! Watch this space – the titillating coverage is COMING SOON!


joan jett LIVE in coney island!

17 07 2011

last week we had the divine pleasure of seeing rock & roll queen JOAN JETT live and in the flesh, playing with the blackhearts as part of coney island’s seaside summer concert series (thanks marty markowitz, you’re a peach)!

what can you even say?! she still looks hot, still sounds amazing, and still sports that trademark mischievous smirk we all know and love. the band (feat. acey slade on bass!) was tight, and she was just stunning. they spiced the setlist with runaways tracks and mega hits, in addition to cuts from the 80s and more recent albums alike. opener (and blackheart records band) girl in a coma warmed up the crowd – personally i thought frontgirl/guitarist nina diaz’s voice was mesmerizing! rock on, girlie!

for your viewing and listening pleasure we took some videos, and made sure to film the jumbotron screen to get you in on the close-up action ;)

put another dime in the jukebox,

da leopard


Time Travel and Men In Black

24 04 2011

The Fresh Prince of C.I.

Anyone who knows me knows I love are time travel and Coney Island. So apparently it must be the case that the writers of Men in Black 3 have tapped my dreams and laid them out as a plot line in the new Men in Black film. They’re not going back as far as I’d like (maybe 1920’s 30’s?) but apparently 1969, which is still pretty sweet. They’re also grabbing locals as extras (did people have pink hair in the 60’s?) .

Aside from rocking the time traveling, according to Amusing the Zillion, the crew of MIB3 are saving the ass of one of the oldest buildings in Coney, the Grashorn Building (dating to about the 1880’s). For the past 2 years the building has remained closed, adorned with a “THOR EQUITIES FOR LEASE” sign which might as well say CONDEMNED, if you follow developer Joe Shitt’s record.

Men in Black 3 is coming, hard.


p.s. all this movie needs is a soundtrack by The Giraffes and I’ll Joe Shitt myself

UPDATE: 4/25/11 MIB 3 production pics

Again thanks to Amusing the Zillion for the update that MIB started setting up in Coney Island!


coney island comes to life: congress of curious peoples!

13 04 2011

coney island’s recent history has been filled with the kind of highs and lows that have always been a part of its legend – fun and exciting developments (like the new luna park and scream zone) sharply contrasted with tragedy (developer scum joe sitt’s demolition of three historic coney buildings before they were landmarked; see them all here – 3, 4 & 7 are gone) and drastic change (boardwalk stalwarts like ruby’s and cha cha’s nearly being evicted but kept on for one final season).

it’s been a tumultuous fall and winter, but now – it’s spring. the new season is upon us. the cyclone, deno’s wonder wheel, luna park, and scream zone are getting ready to open to the masses this coming weekend, and the good folks at coney island USA are still doing what they do best – bringing old coney back to new coney in original ways and keeping the true spirit of the people’s playground alive – and super-freaky.

coney island is and always has been meant to be a SPECTACLE. take for instance the congress of curious peoples. it kicked off last weekend and has been running all week with special lectures and shows on a myriad of topics (check out the full schedule here). it also included the colonnade of curiosities in the freak bar, located in the coney island USA building on surf ave.

what did we see this past weekend?


lola star & coney island is for lovers!

28 02 2011

sugar -n- thunder is a HUGE fan of coney island’s own LOLA STAR!

we love her not only because of her amazing clothing designs and super fun stores on the boardwalk and stillwell ave subway station (featuring old coney & funny faces, mermaids, badass bunnies, unicorns, pinups & tattoos, roller derby, etc!), but certainly because of her dedication to true coney island activism. she had a wish come true and transformed the childs building on the boardwalk into a fabulous roller rink for some time, is always front and center in save coney rallies, fought hard to keep her business and support others on the boardwalk, and recently brought the magic to the city and opened a temporary pop-up store in soho!

to celebrate valentine’s day and decorate the windows of her soho store (and also to hear some AMAZING love stories), she popped this question to her fans: did you fall in love in coney island? stories of love, marriage, proposals, first dates, and summer romance in the people’s playground poured in, and we’re VERY happy to announce that a certain couple of sugar -n- thunder proprietors were included…!!!

click HERE to read the full texts of the chosen love stories and watch the fantastic video lola crafted below – it’s hard not to get sentimental! i could say it a thousand times but THANK YOU, THANK YOU miss lola for doing this!

Coney Island truly is for lovers! There is an intoxicating magic in the air that inspires great love! Scientists have studied this delightful phenomenon for centuries but no explanation can be found! Millions of lovers’ lives have been struck by Cupid’s gilttering arrow in Coney Island!  The Lola Star Souvenir Boutique on the Coney Island boardwalk asked her customers to share their Coney Island Love Stories! This is the magic they shared..

like lola on facebook & follow her on twitter! before you know it it’ll be time for another gorgeous spring and summer in coney island…

<3 !

– da leopard

a look inside playland arcade (or what’s left of it), coney island

22 02 2011

we’ve always wondered what it looked like inside the abandoned playland arcade (built 1935) in coney island – a little building in the empty lot that once held the thunderbolt roller coaster before it was demolished. eric & i went ice skating and attempted to brave the insane winds on saturday, and on the way back towards nathan’s we stumbled upon this:

the garage-like red front panel of the arcade had probably been blown in by the wind! the entire arcade was open and accessible from the sidewalk.. chunks of the ceiling had fallen in or were missing, other pieces were hanging dangerously by wires, swinging eerily in the wind. wood, metal, debris, cat food tins, and broken police barricades coated the floor, but signs of the past were still discernible.. i noticed what seemed like a few loose mint green and pink/red floor tiles, and of course the fantastic hand-painted murals on the side walls and strips in between that i truly hope someone (coney island museum?) salvages if playland goes the sad way of so many other historic buildings in the area. the way they are still somehow preserved is remarkable..



12 03 2008


Lola Staar’s Dreamland Roller Rink will open March 22 in the Childs Restaurant Building!!!!

can you say.. AWESOME?!?!?!

from lola staar’s myspace:

“Lola’s Hot Pink Dreams Burst into Reality!!

Lola Staar’s owner, Dianna Carlin, has won an amazing contest sponsored by Glamour Magazine and Tommy Hilfiger!! In celebration of Tommy’s new fragrance, Dreaming, they hosted a contest to make someone’s ‘dream come true!!’ Dianna dreamt of transforming the enchanted, vacant, historical landmark building […] into a magical Roller Rink full of color, life, energy, art and fun.

Along with Taconic Investment Partners, Glamour and Tommy Hilfiger are helping her to transform this dream into a reality and filming a fabulous documentary movie about her exciting journey.

On March 22nd, the spectacular Childs Building will become Lola’s magical roller skating Dreamland!”

there is a free opening party from 6:00 PM – 12:00 PM but you have to RSVP.. hopefully sugar n thunder will get to be there!!

in any case – congrats to lola staar, we love you guys!

— audrey


so it does seem that the roller rink is a temporary installation for the spring and summer right now – taconic investment owns the childs building and plans to use it for a restaurant and entertainment hall. that doesn’t sound bad BUT, this is a roller rink, people! maybe if the rink drums up enough support it can stay? i can’t wait to see it. speaking of which, check out this awesome pic of the childs building actually open!