New World Order Employment Applications #008: CONNOR DWYER

11 04 2012

Introducing the next candidate to fill out SUGAR -N- THUNDER’s New World Order Employment ApplicationCONNOR DWYER!

Connor Dwyer is the cousin of SNT’s pal Mike Wilson. Clearly acting crazy on the internet runs in the blood. Like Mike and I, Connor acts, shoots and edits his original YouTube content – though he is usually busy pranking his brother, covering songs or posting challenges. He’s stepped up his production with a newly acquired green screen (they can be so fun… and tortuous) and is posting new videos with a mix of commentary on pop culture while showing off his skills.

Who I am & what I do:

I’m a YouTuber and aspiring filmmaker.

Projects you should know about:

The rest of Connor’s work can be found HERE!

The Survey:

1. What defines awesomeness to you? When you see/do/feel/experience/etc. something and it makes your jaw drop every time – that is true awesomeness.

2. Have you ever had a near-death experience? Yes, multiple times! I was hit by a car when I was 8. Luckily I only got a few scratches but then, due to being a skater my whole life, one time I got hung up on a high-ass rail. Whew, if my balls didn’t hit that rail my face would have been done for!

3. If you could be absolute ruler of the world for a day, what’s the first thing you’d do? I would make it absolute law that I was ruler of the world for the rest of my life so I could do whatever the fuck I want.

4. What’s your guilty pleasure? Oh boy, I would say walking around my house naked. A lot of people like it but I would do it all the time if I could.

5. What do you know now that you wish you knew as a teen/kid? But I am a teen/kid! Well if I had to answer I’d probably say knowing how to play 9+ instruments. I feel like that would’ve come in handy.

6. What’s the most awesome concert you’ve ever been to, and why? Is it too egotistical to say one of my own? Oh well, my old band and I played a boat show where the boat went out to sea. After our set we all just partied the rest of the night on the boat. Ahhh memories…

7. Tell us a quote/phrase/lyric that sums you up.
going out tonight
leave the ball and chain behind
just another day
another story
– “Another Story” by Clearview77

8. What’s the worst film/best film you’ve seen? It’s so hard to pick just one being as I love films and movies, I really can’t pick.

9. If I was in a freak show I’d be…
a. contortionist
b. sword swallower
c. fire-eater
d. where I belong, duh.

Is it sad that I already know how to eat fire and swallow swords? … I used to be a magician lol so I’ll pick D.

10. It’s 2012, for f@&*(!’s sake. Where’s my ___?
a. flying car
b. 10-foot microwave
c. sex robot
d. hoverboard
e. colony on mars
f. vibrating calculator

Definitely a hoverboard. I mean I’ve seen crappy prototypes that use lift magnets and batteries. They worked for like a millisecond then I lost balance and it shot out and broke :(

*BONUS* What cartoon or TV show do you wish you could put back on air? Aww theres so many shows, can I just say the entire late 80s early 90s cartoon era? Yea that sounds about right.

*SUPER BONUS* Make up a name for a new sex act/position. Go! The Pinching Purple Panda. I don’t know why but that sounds dirty to me.

Thanks Connor, but I have to say – it’s AWESOME that you can eat fire and swallow swords!! That would make for a great video!!!

You can also check out Connor out on Facebook and be sure to ‘like’ his page!

Until next time!


[questions by eric whiptastic & audrey leopard; compiled by eric whiptastic]



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