THE GIRAFFES: the next generation

10 04 2012


by now everyone knows that sugar -n- thunder’s favorite band the giraffes played their last show with frontman aaron lazar in feb of 2011. aaron took some time off (and composed some improvised experiments of the “bitter, sparse, dark and expansive” kind) but is now rocking away with DON’T, and the rest of the giraffes – drew on drums, jens on bass, damien on sweet, sweet geetar (and vox!) – have since picked themselves up two lovely ladies with killer pipes by the name of kimberly and brianna, and have birthed a ssssexy new giraffe of a different color.. err. yeah.


we are ALWAYS thrilled to see damien, jens, and drew doing what they do best, but the last show they played – their triumphant return to mercury lounge last month – really took the proverbial (jameson-soaked) cake.

they kicked the night off with some nasty surfy jams and sprawling slow numbers punched up with accompanying vocals from the ladies, which is the way the giraffes had been rocking out for the past few shows they played since parting ways with aaron (for the first return gig at st vitus, i believe they were accompanied by – the also very lovely – joanna of the midnight show and bayli from the skins). here and there was a recognizable track like the instrumental “ESF” from their last full-length prime motivator or even a holy throwback from franksquilt (the original giraffes album – pre-aaron, super surf, damien on vox and tim kent – who, did we mention, is a fucking amazing artist?! – on bass).. but mostly it was NEW SHIT – including the track “shaman shakes” from their next album (a soundtrack!..?!!), entitled the tales of the black whistle. NOTE: you can watch a performance of that song HERE as filmed at adrian grenier’s awesome new project wreckroom records (NICE)!

BUT THEN. THEN, ladies & gents, they surprised the living shit out of us. suddenly – a familiar intro.. the ruled epic “THE CITY” begins and.. KIMBERLY IS SINGING THE LYRICS! and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, then we get another surprise with both girls singing a vampy, raunchy reworking of “THE BORDER” that starts out almost totally unfamiliar but then builds and builds to the reprised chant all giraffes fans now know by heart.. WE! GET WHAT WE WANT! AND WHAT WE WANT! IS WHAT YOU GOT! get. the FUCK OUT! and after that.. an insane finale – kimberly on lead with brianna backing as they blast through “DONE” from prime motivator! we were, in no uncertain terms, ELATED. this is what we were hoping for – the giraffes building upon their legacy and yet becoming something new. the girls aren’t just singing backup, and aren’t just standing in for aaron, whose boots no one could EVER fill. they are truly holding their own as something different – messing with the guys, egging on the crowd, playing around with each other – and yes, even swigging some jameson here and there (naturally!).

in this newest incarnation (which we think suits them the best thus far since their return), we see the band unleashing new tracks, spicing up old instrumentals with vox, AND churning out giraffes classics (yes, they’re classics) with a new flavor, which we assure you is not just the taste of drew’s loogie – we think… and let me just say that not just any ladies could hang with the giraffes we know – but kimberly and brianna CAN, and as they continue getting more and more comfortable rocking the fuck out as the crowned giraffe queens they now are, we can’t WAIT to see what’s in store for old and new fans alike.

CATCH ‘EM: they’re playing trash bar 4/20, studio at webster hall 6/2 with goes cube (!!), st vitus in july, and hopefully more in between.

click here for the rest of our giraffes posts, here they are on facebook, andddd.. here’s a(nother) fucking podcast..!


– da leopard



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10 04 2012

Cool review of the Mercury Lounge show, thanks!

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