tales from the internet: “entertain people and they won’t hit you”

28 03 2012

so – i just saw this video on film courage, and i had to post it. immediately.

thank you, bill oberst jr.* you are pretty damn awesome.

this video is relatively short and you should watch it, especially if you’re chasing a dream.

sometimes you just need a reminder that even if you were or are the underdog, misfit, bullied, “freak of nature” – you can be stronger for it. on the playground or in the classroom when you were just a kid, or while fighting for a dream for the rest of your life – you can get knocked down, but get back up again. you can “turn your vocation into your occupation.”

as part of this interview, in another video he also spoke about actors getting their own work and not relying solely on their agent/manager. it applies directly to actors but it’s also a bigger issue.. when it comes to doing what you want to do in life – don’t rely on gatekeepers or displace the responsibility you hold for your OWN life and journey onto someone else. don’t make excuses. do whatever you can to blaze your own trail. everyone will tell you no.. say YES.

* bill is a creeptastic horror/thriller actor based in LA who started in theatre and went on to earn tons of film/TV/internet credits, among them – playing the face of the viral facebook app take this lollipop AND starring as honest abe in the upcoming flick abraham lincoln vs. zombies. .. yes, yes. we love it too.

thanks to film courage for the videos, and please do check them out as well! they’re ALL about indie film and supporting creative people who are pursuing their passions.

here’s to dreams,

– da leopard



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