Eric Whiptastic’s book TIBBY now on Amazon!

27 03 2012


You may or may not have heard that SNT’s own Eric Whiptastic wrote an epic story some years ago called TIBBY.

What’s the book about? Well…

Follow the adventure of Tibby, the walking, talking video game controller, on his journey to get beer and pie for The Wizard Drain Pirate. To have his one wish granted in return for the tasty snacks, Tibby will have to return before Jimmithy the Evil Vicodin Pill gets to the Wizard or kills Tibby, whichever comes first.

And that’s just the beginning..

You can now buy this book RIGHT HEEEERE on Amazon for only 99 cents!

And you can also like Tibby on Facebook cuz, you know.. That’s what you do.


PS – How awesome is cover design?! It’s by none other than Aaron Lazar of The Giraffes, Rumanian Buck, and now DON’T!




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