DON’T the band – debut @ grand victory

7 02 2012

eric & i are RABID giraffes fans, and after frontman aaron lazar started his ‘transylvanian slide/deathcamp boogie’ solo project dubbed rumanian buck, we became rabid fans of that too.

now aaron and the giraffes have parted ways but (thankfully!) both are still playing. last thursday marked the debut of aaron’s latest project, with himself on vox/guitar and mitchell king on drums – DON’T.

to get straight to the point with a band that is clearly about doing just that – i fucking love DON’T. i really do. it’s an incredible feeling to hear music for the first time and be moved by it, so much that you just close your eyes and feel it completely. it’s also incredible to watch just TWO musicians fill a space with their immense sound.

aaron and mitchell are a really intense unit – i honestly feel like nothing else is needed. mitchell is INSANE on that kit (seriously.. wow, man) and aaron brings his bluesy notes and nasty melodies back to ears like ours that have truly missed them. i also appreciate that although the songs are emanating from the same source, DON’T is something different.. the gypsy aesthetic of rumanian buck is replaced with something markedly darker – the sound gets so heavy it almost feels industrial, but the melody is never forsaken – along with the powerful grit and smooth soulfulness in aaron’s voice that will always set him apart.

you can catch the rest of their month-long residency at the grand victory in brooklyn!

roll up @ 8pm:

Thurs Feb 9th: Don’t, Powerblessings, The Evil Us
Thurs Feb 16th: Don’t, bbigpigg, The Whores, Trabajo
Thurs Feb 23rd: Don’t, The Pioneers of Seduction, Cobretti, Beef Wellington

they’ve also got a new website and a facebook – DON’T make me tell you what to do.. (har dee har)


we’d also like to throw props to aaron for doing something DIFFERENT and sending out actual screenprinted CA$H (chingity ching) as invites to the residency shows.. seriously. we both got this in the mail. you know.. in an envelope. with a handwritten address. delivered by THE POSTMAN.

you’re an asshole if you miss this (and i mean that in the best way possible ;)).

– da leopard

photos by audrey leopard, ca$h money photo via mr. lazar




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