talented friends = awesome music!

29 12 2011

one of the (many) things we’re grateful for is knowing so many super talented and creative people, musicians included!

you’ll most likely end up seeing longer posts on each of these artists at a later date on SNT, but for now – THE MUSIC! here’s a few of our awesome friends and their tracks you should definitely check out:

PAT IRWIN needs no introduction. he’s one of the coolest and most chill people we’ve ever met AND not only did he play with the legendary B-52s for many years, but he also composed the music for one of our favorite cartoons EVER – rocko’s modern life!!! pat also has a bunch of original music he produces (some of which is available on his website). the “new sounds from the lost & found” series features pat writing music with salvaged instruments and a vintage yamaha organ he found in the street in NYC! like him on FB here.

PROFESSOR KLIQ is a wild young chicago-based musician with an insanely deep take on electronic music. he’s also all about creative commons (and is spearheading the columbia commons project), so everything he does is up for grabs on the internet, ALL! THE! TIME! this track will blow your face off. check out the rest of his work HERE, and like him on FB here.

DIRTY THIRTY-TWO is comprised of the aforementioned PROFESSOR KLIQ and fellow chicago electronic musician RAMOVA. they’re insane and recently collaborated on a series of four tracks they’re calling the “SATBEP.” this is one of them – just NUTS.

FACEDYE is all about electro-acoustic trippiness with poetic lyrics to FEED YOUR HEAD, man! and your heart. dmitriy rocks and we’re really glad he’s pushing his music out to the masses! like him on FB here.

and finally THE YES TEAM – who base their music and lifestyle around the most affirmative word in the english language: YES!!! they say yes to all the experiences life has to offer, and write crazy catchy songs to express it. they have such a beautiful energy and it doesn’t take long to recognize musical soulmates when you see ’em. personally i’m excited to hear old friend TJ moss (formerly of astoria’s TJ moss band!) doing what he does best. this song is fantastic and definitely a great message to hang onto in the coming new year… like them on FB here.


– da leopard




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