4 Things I learned from switching over to a Mac

9 12 2011

if only I could

Trying to make money doing .. well anything is getting harder and harder. The last thing I wanted to worry about is industry standard bullshit, but unfortunately I had to give in. As a video editor it practically doesn’t matter what level of skill I have, if I’m not running on Final Cut I’m doomed to be rejected over some software segregation that has embedded itself in the minds of people who know absolutely nothing about editing. In any case, I finally broke and got a Mac. Here’s what happened.

(p.s if anyone has any simpler solutions to these problems please feel free to share them)

1. How in the motherfuck do I burn a cd?!

As Mac pushes to kill compact disk, I think they’ve made it intentionally harder to even deal with one if you still have a cd drive. Back with my PC if I wanted to burn some music, I put in a blank disk, go to my trusty Windows Media Player, go to our drop my tracks and click burn. The End. It took me 20 minutes to find out that in iTunes you first have to make a playlist (which is probably one of the most unnecessary things I’ve heard of in my life) then magically the option to burn appears under File>Burn Playlist to Disk. That’s because it would be to difficult to have that option when I go to the album…. alright.. fine. So say I want to make a data disk, in Windows I pop in the disk, open it, drag my files and click burn… end of story. Not here. Now from the desktop I have to go to File>New Burn Folder, add my files then Burn. In both cases I have completely unnecessary folders left over that I have to remember to delete or else I’m left with extra garbage taking up space.

I’ve yet to find out how to get a data disk or even an audio cd to run on a PC let alone how to change the Artist name in bulk in iTunes.

2. Using somewhat dated software

So I have Pro Tools 8 which I bought awhile back. Like textbooks, sometimes updates are made just to make you pay more for the latest edition – I really have no need to upgrade. Unfortunately, unlike Windows where you have the option to run a program as if it were on an older system.. I’m just fucked. No Patch, no tips to make it work… NOTHING. That’s it. Either I buy the latest Pro Tools or cry myself to sleep when I realize I can only record on GarageBand….. oh wait I can’t because…

3. Running old software – if you have got it to install in the first place – can really mess up your system

who needs viruses when your computer can kill itself by ...just running software?!?

After Installing Pro Tools 8, it failing and getting rid of it, I couldn’t even open GarageBand anymore. After digging through dozens of forums I got a total of ZERO useable solutions. The only solution to my Midi Timeout error was to restore my whole goddamn system! Good thing this was pretty early on so I didn’t  have too may files to back up. Glad I have my 2 TB drive I’ve used to back up my PC on hand to save these files…. oh wait… I can’t do that..

4. You can’t use a back up drive that was used on a PC first

Really? This one gets me. I can look at files on my back up drive and I can copy them to my Mac, but there is no way for me to edit the files on the drive or add new files from my Mac to it. So now this drive is half useless and I have to get another if I care to have a back up drive at all! My only solution.. see point 1.

All this to run Final Cut, which as any editor knows, you have to have the patience of a freaken snail to deal with having to render on every edit that is more involved than just a simple cut.




My friend Matt was kind enough to throw some of his computer wizardry knowledge at this one:

“Problem 1. No clue.
Problem 2. Piracy.
Problem 3. Piracy.
Problem 4. Most HDD, to function with a Mac, need to be formatted in FAT 32.

Solution, transfer all your PC. Format your external as FAT32. transfer it back over to the external. Problem solved”

Awesome. Thanks Matt!




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