SNT’s Audrey Leopard gets styled by Sammy Davis Vintage!

2 12 2011

I had the awesome pleasure of being styled by the fabulous Sammy Davis of the blog Sammy Davis Vintage recently!!!

Sammy is such a bright personality – I was instantly hooked by her style, vintage savvy, and super upbeat attitude! She’s a stylist and writer who runs her blog to share tips and tricks for vintage newbies, sellers, and enthusiasts alike, and she’s got a ton of great visuals and videos to boot (and not to mention a very healthy dose of positive energy)! For this video, we met at lovely NYC vintage boutique A Little Wicked and I got a crash course in shopping for vintage for the first time, and it was SUCH A BLAST. Vintage virgin -> vintage convert. TRUTH!

Watch the video below and then click HERE to jump to Sammy’s site to read the article and find out which of the outfits I picked ;)

Thank you SO MUCH to Sammy (and producer Chris, of course!) for this opportunity – keep an eye out for SNT’s exclusive video interview with Sammy coming up SOON!

Vintage (convert) loveeee,

– da leopard




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