QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! / vote J Gulinello

16 11 2011

so, beautiful people – everyone & their dog knows that i, audrey leopard (formerly mercury ;)) am a HARDCORE QUEEN fan. you may or may not have heard that roger taylor, queen’s drummer, has launched a crazy competition to put together a QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA touring stage show comprised of talent from the USA.

you’ve probbbbbably heard about the queen extravaganza audition of mr. marc martel, who many have hailed as the 2nd coming of freddie mercury (sigh) but i actually need you to shift your attention to another performer who was hand-selected by roger for the 2nd round – J GULINELLO! he also just so happens to be the co-star of our good friends at BIRDTANK PRODUCTIONS‘ new show, UNFAMOUS, which we featured on SNT!

ladies & gents! please do give your vote to j by CLICKING HERE, watching his performance, and hitting the big ol’ VOTE button! you can only vote until NOVEMBER 28TH so git crackin’! he’s also reppin’ my hometown of QUEENS, NY!!! and i honestly really enjoy his performance/vibe. he has a great voice for queen (and he’s also kind of unintentionally channeling freddie’s late-70s jazz-era hairstyle?! ;)) !!

best of luck to j – and please stay tuned to SNT for more on birdtank’s awesome productions coming soon!

– da leopard

ps: as the aforementioned crazy queen fan of sugar -n- thunder i would also like to take this opportunity to say that the point of the queen extravaganza is NOT to replace freddie mercury!!!!! #1 how in the world would you ever do that??! and #2 it’s meant to keep queen’s music alive and kicking in as many ways possible, which is why brian may and roger toured and made an album with free/bad company’s paul rodgers and very recently just accepted their fantastic global icon (!!!) award at the MTV european music awards with american idol adam lambert on vocals. in neither case were they replacing freddie, and the queen extravaganza is no different. people, CALM THE HELL DOWN and just do what freddie would’ve wanted – ENJOY THE MUSIC!!!




2 responses

16 11 2011

You wonderful people at SugarNThunder never cease to amaze me with your love and support! Thank you Audrey & Eric!!!

16 11 2011
Leo J Gulinello

The fact that I get your “Freddie’s hair” reference means there is somebody else out there that loves Queen as much as I do. Thank you endlessly for your support! – J

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