hugh jackman, back on broadway: PRICELESS!

9 11 2011

unbelievably, it’s been 11 YEARS since i became a HUGH JACKMAN fan.

on that fateful day my brother brought home the x-men: mutant academy video game for playstation 1 and we watched the trailer for the original x-men (which was somehow included in the game?!), i was hooked. if you told me then that 11 years later – after movies like the fountain and the prestige became my favorites and i snapped up every bit of wolverine action i could (down to the hilarious cameo in first class!) – that i’d be sitting 4th row, dead center with my wonderful mom watching hugh jackman singing, dancing, and telling stories LIVE on broadway right in front of me, i don’t think i would’ve believed you.

however, sometimes life is all about unbelievable things – right?

last night i did just that – saw hugh jackman, back on broadway in NYC at the broadhurst theater! it was literally a PRICELESS experience – one that will always be held as one of my most cherished memories. it’s running for 10 weeks only through january 1st, and so if there is ANY WAY at all you can snag yourself a ticket – please, please do so.

hugh is a consummate performer – a performer in every sense of the word, but also someone who can comfortably speak to a packed house, cracking jokes and sharing stories, as if he was hanging around with a few friends. i’d seen him on the oscars and heard of his boy from oz accolades but it’s nothing like sitting here and seeing hugh work his magic right in front of you. his smile lights up the room and his genuine joy is contagious. he’s a star of the kind we don’t see too often nowadays – an oh-so-welcome jaunt back to the days of movie musicals and performers who were truly triple threats: talented actors, dancers, singers, with magnetic energy and inimitable charm. hugh is right up there with the classic performers he pays tribute to at one point in the show – absolutely legendary.

the thing i also loved so much about this show was how it was such a lovely trip through hugh’s life and some of the things he holds dearest to his heart. we get the show-stopping performances (and my god are they show-stopping!!) but also the stories behind the songs – growing up playing rugby and watching movie musicals, why a song from carousel makes him think of his father, how much he loves his country and will never forget the time he spent living with his young son in the outback while filming australia… his tribute to the aboriginal culture (with the fantastic organization nomad two worlds) bought tears to my eyes, the FABULOUS taste of the boy from oz he gave us (shiny gold shirt, shoes, pants – and maracas!) was just totally out of this world, and of course i adored all the wolverine anecdotes and just the sight of hugh singing, standing still under the spotlight – but more than anything, it was sharing time with my favorite actor as a person AND as a performer with my beautiful mom.

hugh was all things that night, and every night he does this show – cheeky, sincere, playful, earnest, electric. see this show and you will remember what a TRUE performer is – someone who can slice and dice as wolverine, sparkle and shine as peter allen, bring classic cinema back to life, and speak to you as a genuine human who loves what he does – and loves sharing it with you.

congratulations, hugh!!! you are amazing. thank you for giving us such a beautiful glimpse into your world.

ps: here is the lovely hugh at the stage door! excuse the slightly shaky video – can you blame me?! thanks to my aforementioned wonderful mom, i got my poster signed!!! you can see my poster coming forward at :26 and him sign it shortly thereafter ;) – bless the heart of the lovely girl who passed it up!

i also have another video RIGHT HERE on youtube. fantastic!!

– audrey leopard




8 responses

9 11 2011

You are so right, he’s such a throwback to the old classic Hollywood triple threat! Dare I say he could be our generation’s Gene Kelly?? I think I do dare :)

10 11 2011

THANK YOU for mentioning NOMAD TWO WORLDS! We are so proud to have Clifton Bieundurry, Nathan Mundraby, Paul Boon and Olive Knight on stage with @HughonBroadway. Please note that the official link to our website is actually not the one that is linked within the article. Kindly, SH

11 11 2011

@kailee yes! i would dare as well. he is such a SHOWMAN! thanks for the comment :)

@sheri oh it’s my pleasure! thank you so much for pointing that out – the link has been changed, sorry about that. clifton, nathan, paul, and of course olive bring everyone to their feet – i really loved the tribute and the intro to nomad two worlds! thanks very much for writing!!

– audrey

11 11 2011

I saw youtube! fabulous!
I am go to from Japan.
I look forward to meeting Hugh.
If you can wait to see him after?

11 11 2011

@mochi hey there! yes, if you wait by the stage door (which is next to the entrance to the theatre) after the show, you have a chance to meet hugh :) !!

11 11 2011

Thank you!
Im really looking forward!!
I saw reports.
You went to a cafe or Tribeca?

11 11 2011

@mochi have an amazing time!! and no, i live in queens so i just saw the show with my mom and then took a cab home ;) the theatre is very close to times square, you will love it.

11 11 2011

As Hugh opened the cafe in Tribeca.
I will also try here.
I want to travel fast♪♪♪

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