royal flush fest 2011! or: why indie kicks ass, always

30 10 2011

royal flush fest 2011 came! saw! and CONQUERED!

first off – it was so wild seeing “ogden” up on the big screen as part of RFF’s sunday shorts!! big congrats to mike wilson & SNT’s own eric whiptastic again! like it on FB to find out about future screenings & the like.

secondly – we caught some awesome f@*&(!king flicks. it’s so inspiring to see the versatility and variety of what indie filmmakers are doing RIGHT NOW. we thought we’d share some of our faves from the end of the fest with you – keep your eyes open for indie screenings and support, support, support!

ANGELO & ERT – a hilariously unique way to use the freaky naked “event horizon” sculptures ’round the flatiron district – laughed out loud!

GOOD TASTE – this dude is REAL serious about his record collecting – cannibalism serious. bonus points for awesome ransom note style lettering/animation!

BLIND DATES – just as funny and bizarre as you’d imagine a short about blind dates could be! nailed it.

HIP PRIEST – the final sunday short, and what a finale it was! gorgeous cinematography – a kind of gritty urban poetry.


RUBBLE KINGS – one of the best documentaries we’ve EVER laid our eyes on – we can’t praise it enough, SEE THIS FILM if you get a chance. it’s so much more than just a doc chronicling NYC gangs. it seriously schools you and even takes you right up to the rise of hip-hop, which rose with UNITY and expression, not violence! check the trailer below. (and oh lord do we wish there was a mixtape/soundtrack for this thing..)

congrats to all the featured filmmakers, big thanks to RFF for being a true rock & roll film fest (!!), and until next year –


– da leopard




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