VIDEOSMARTS: ‘parlez-vous francais?’ by art vs. science

20 10 2011

thank the royal flush film fest for this latest VIDEOSMARTS gem…

RFF kicked off the (AMAZING!!!!) rubble kings screening with this video. i had only heard this band’s name here and there so this was the first time eric and i actually listened to a track of theirs.. paired with these visuals, it. was. perfect.

this is ART vs. SCIENCE and the insanity that results when you dedicate an entire music video to MIME WARS.


just goes to show you don’t need any crazy special FX to make a seriously awesome video.

GREAT selection to open a royal flush screening with – we promise to talk about the day of the fest we attended later, because it was sick!

i actually did parle francais from 7th through 12th grade… and can barely speak any now.

– da leopard

ps! if you don’t know what videosmarts actually is, it’s an 80s throwback learning tool that allowed you to interact with “teaching teddy” VHS tapes!!! on SNT, it’s a showcase for awesome music videos we love. duhhh.




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