Fear Eats The Seoul – UPDATE!

27 09 2011

We’ve got a little update on the MUCH-anticipated first feature from NY-born, Korea-based filmmaker NJ Calder! We posted an in-depth interview with NJ last year, and he’s come a long, long way since then.

We’d love to offer HUGE congrats to writer/director NJ Calder, producer Whitney Thompson, and all of the cast and crew – Fear Eats The Seoul was completed this year and the film premiered in South Korea on September 19th (check out photos from the black tie event here)!

The first general audience screenings begin next month on October 14th, so if you happen to be in Seoul stay tuned for details and go out and SEE IT! Fear Eats The Seoul is a feature-length horror film about a demon epidemic and the survivors who must overcome not only the monstrosities roaming the streets, but the ones left in their minds.

Fans outside of Korea, NJ hasn’t forgotten you! Check out this post for an update – exclusive clips are coming soon and the final trailer is out today! Watch it below:

You can also check out NJ’s brand new website to learn about The New Industry and what’s next. If you enjoy what you’ve seen, are a supporter of NJ’s or indie filmmakers in general, please spread the word – spread the trailer, spread this article, spread the website. The more momentum we build, the faster the film will be released worldwide.

This is a testament to what you can do if you dedicate yourself to it completely, even with the odds against you. To go from Queens, New York to Seoul, South Korea with next to nothing and no experience living alone overseas, and to come out of it with your first feature film in hand, your destiny solidified…

If you love something, never give up on it because it is giving you life. When all things seem to fail, fight for your world. Never be afraid to carve your own path and to live your own legend. Be the greatness you want for yourself and take no prisoners. FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD. It is all you will ever have. – NJ Calder

We here at SNT cannot WAIT to see it, and will have all the updates as they come in!


– da leopard (XII)

You can also like NJ Calder on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.




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