THE GOLDEN DOGS cross the border, rock Brooklyn

26 05 2011

We always look forward to our Canadian friends THE GOLDEN DOGS returning to the States because not only are they awesome people to hang around with, they’re seriously talented musicians who are insane to watch live. They’ve got such crazy energy and a kind of power all their own, and it was no different when they played Glasslands in Brooklyn last month.

Check out the video below for some highlights of their killer set that night as they blasted through tracks like “Darkroom”, “Runouttaluck”, “As Long As You Like”, “Permanent Record”, and more.

Previously on SNT, Eric told you why you should let The Golden Dogs F you up with awesomeness by checking out their newest album, Coat of Arms. They have a bunch of ways you can interact with the songs from this album on their site, so have a listen and support ’em!

Here’s a few trippy snaps from the show – gotta love those crazy clouds above the stage!

Check out the band online, and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!




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