Time Travel and Men In Black

24 04 2011

The Fresh Prince of C.I.

Anyone who knows me knows I love are time travel and Coney Island. So apparently it must be the case that the writers of Men in Black 3 have tapped my dreams and laid them out as a plot line in the new Men in Black film. They’re not going back as far as I’d like (maybe 1920’s 30’s?) but apparently 1969, which is still pretty sweet. They’re also grabbing locals as extras (did people have pink hair in the 60’s?) .

Aside from rocking the time traveling, according to Amusing the Zillion, the crew of MIB3 are saving the ass of one of the oldest buildings in Coney, the Grashorn Building (dating to about the 1880’s). For the past 2 years the building has remained closed, adorned with a “THOR EQUITIES FOR LEASE” sign which might as well say CONDEMNED, if you follow developer Joe Shitt’s record.

Men in Black 3 is coming, hard.


p.s. all this movie needs is a soundtrack by The Giraffes and I’ll Joe Shitt myself

UPDATE: 4/25/11 MIB 3 production pics

Again thanks to Amusing the Zillion for the update that MIB started setting up in Coney Island!

UPDATE: 5/3/11

More Pictures from the Men in Black 3 set in Coney Island!

UPDATE: 5/6/11

We got some shots of booths set up on the boardwalk looking a little more alive AND thanks to our SNT friend and contributor Sean Colón, we got a picture of Will Smith on set (it’s low res but still awesome).




2 responses

13 12 2011
Art Brown

Can’t wait for the film. Just watched number 1 again last night. Also love any well told tale with time travel.

8 06 2012

I saw Mib3 already and may see it again. I had already seen another movie involving time travel called, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” where a young girl leaps and finds that she can travel backwards in time via leaping just as Agent J is able to do so via jumping per that device.

Did the movie, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, have influence upon the plot of Mib3?

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