tales from the internet: down & out! (or: oh old stuff, you so funny)

5 11 2010

i don’t know about you, but i personally LOVE stumbling across old stuff (photos, videos, etc) that isn’t meant to be funny but really, REALLY is.

my brother got a sound-less copy of this video he needed to put audio to for a film class, and as we watched through it i thought it was amusing, but not laugh-out-loud funny.. until this dude starts tripping over things that make no sense (see the sequence @2:35 especially).

presenting “DOWN and OUT!” – a 1971 public service video from the national safety council that pretty much advises you not to be a douche and trip over 8 hundred million random things.

i would even advise watching this without the sound first – it’s still hilarious!

here’s some jump-to points if you want to skip:

@1:45! (who knew you could trip over a CABINET DOOR?)

@2:35! (FAVORITES)

@4:00! (this is just horrible to watch without sound, you have NO IDEA why he’s falling and dying)

@4:37! (MY BOX O’ TIN FOILZ!)

@5:39! (DON’T JUMP! EVAR!)

@6:12! (watch this without sound and try to figure out what in god’s name is even happening)

aaaaand so forth.


– da leopard




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