tales from the internet: sex + robot = sex robot

27 10 2010

well. if you ever wanted to see a graphic representation of what it would be like to get nasty with a sex robot.. in 1885.. mixed with some cutesy yet off-kilter romance.. look no further than THIS:

CHESTER 5000 XYV by jess fink!

this webcomic is totally RIDIC. the heartwarming tale of a horny victorian gal whose uber-busy scientist husband gifts her with a robot with a penchant for HAVING TEH CRAZY ROBOT SECKS. unexpected shiz ensues.. and a lot of it.

the webcomic seems to be finished as of right now, but PLZ do yourself a favor and click HERE to jump back to the beginning. i’m not 100% sure, because it seems like the release date has changed, but the 144-pg hardcover graphic novel may be coming out in 2011 through top shelf productions.

and yes, deffffinitely check out the fab miss fink @ livejournal and etsy! clearly, she rawx (and if i had pierced ears i’d be SO down for her rowdy roller girl earringz!).

the internet never ceases to amaze me,

da leopard




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