New World Order Employment Apps #003: CAROL QUIJADA

13 10 2010

Introducing the next candidate to fill out SUGAR -N- THUNDER’s New World Order Employment Application: CAROL QUIJADA!

Carol Quijada is truly “a girl in love with the world,” down for expressing herself in multiple mediums and making her mark through song, words, and pictures. This creative soul’s love for the arts is apparent in everything she does, and her good energy is infectious. Bright, warm, and passionate, she’ll grab your attention with her killer pipes and evocative photography. Carol sings with her whole heart, and halts the rush of time by striving to capture the moment at rock shows, public events, and portrait sessions.

Who I am & what I do:

I am Carol, just an average girl with a not so average amount of love for all art forms. Unfortunately, I haven’t been blessed with the talent to do all of them so I mostly focus on vocal music, writing, and photography. I love to listen to powerful vocalists (often women) and sing along with them. I started taking pictures to mostly remember time. I have a horrible sense of time! Eventually I began to take pictures of things that mattered to me. I love going to concerts for local bands because I can really capture a lot of energy and it makes me so happy to sit down with these images and spend some quality (editing) time with them :)

Projects you should know about:

Carol’s Industria: Blog & compilation of videos, music, and slideshows of photos

Facebook Page: If you meet me and I take your picture, it will land here :)

Here’s some samples of her work [click to enlarge photos]:

The Survey:

1. What defines awesomeness to you? Awesome is food. Or food is awesome :) I am answering these questions as I eat a delicious pizza topped with uncured pepperoni, Italian sausage, roasted red and green peppers, roasted purple onions and held together with Mozzarella Cheese. People come together with food, it’s a comfort thing. And it’s awesome to know that I live in a place where I can have about 20 different versions of bread. Of course, the most awesome bread is Hallulla (from Chile!).

2. Have you ever had a near-death experience? Oh man…. This is also my most embarrassing moment. I was nine when I thought I was okay with jumping off the grown-up diving board. I ended up at the bottom of the pool and it felt like the surface was way too far. I began to freak out underwater and the air was running out but lifeguards got to me as I got to the top. The embarrassing part is that I was wearing a bikini and (with the force of the water rushing past me) as I went down my top rode up and I didn’t notice until I got some air….

3. If you could be absolute ruler of the world for a day, what’s the first thing you’d do? I honestly have no clue…. Uhm… Make all the billionaires share the wealth? Make it a law that all people must go to school from pre-K to 4 years of College …. with funding from said billionaires. In a sense mean and unfair, but c’mon, do you really need 10 yachts?

4. What’s your guilty pleasure? OOOOH! I don’t feel too guilty but I do love the Kardashian shows. Both of them. :D

5. What do you know now that you wish you knew as a teen/kid? A little more confidence with my singing. I probably could have gotten more constructive feedback in high school if I wasn’t so shy.

6. What’s the most awesome concert you’ve ever been to, and why? I’ve been to some pretty amazingly awesome concerts. Maybe the top 3 would be 1. Metric, they had me jumping and dancing and singing to their songs, for free! 2. Queens of the Stone Age, ohmygod. It was energy that I hadn’t felt in so long. 3. Deftones, on a hot summer day I did not mind being squished by other hot/sweaty people, it was that good!

7. Tell us a quote/phrase/lyric that sums you up. Not that it sums me up but I am a perfectionist. That never means that I do everything perfectly and in order. It mostly means that I get frustrated a lot with what I do because I want it to be better and I have no satisfaction sometimes. So when my boyfriend sent me this a few years ago, I really tried to engrave it in my brain and live by it. It has made me more calm and relaxed about things in general and I like to apply it to all aspects of my life: “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.” – Unknown

8. What’s the worst film/best film you’ve seen?
Worst: Recently… The Last Airbender? I didn’t even watch the show that much and I knew that the directing and acting was horrible considering all the money that was put into it.
Best: Pan’s Labyrinth, I love Guillermo del Toro (also director of The Orphanage, my other favorite movie) and how the point of view is from children, which can be very magical and frightening at the same time.

9. If I was in a freak show I’d be …
a. contortionist
b. sword swallower
c. fire-eater
d. where I belong, duh.

10. It’s 2010, for f@&*(!’s sake. Where’s my ___?
a. flying car
b. 10-foot microwave
c. sex robot
d. hoverboard
e. colony on mars
f. vibrating calculator
ADDED: g. NEURALIZER – From Men in Black that deletes a memory! ::evil laugh::

*BONUS* What cartoon or TV show do you wish you could put back on air? Whose Line is it Anyway?!

*SUPER BONUS* Make up a name for a new sex act/position. Go! The Bellybutton Tickler! Not too sure many guys can achieve it but keep practicing :P

Carol, thanks for being AWESOME!

And look out for future New World Order Employment Applications rolling out SOON…

[questions by captain whiptastic & audrey leopard; compiled by audrey leopard]




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15 10 2010


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