11 10 2010

SUGAR -N- THUNDER is CRAZY excited to see an up and coming horror flick called FEAR EATS THE SEOUL! NYC-born filmmaker Nj Calder graduated from the School of Visual Arts, packed up his blood and guts, moved to South Korea, and is now transforming his cinematic dreams into his feature debut.


When a raging demon epidemic sweeps across South Korea, four surviving English teachers must choose between waiting for help or fighting for their very lives.


Get updates from the production house (Kinetic Film) HERE.


And keep a lookout for more…

The FULL TRAILER is coming soon, in addition to an exclusive interview with the director!

You’ll see it here on SUGAR -N- THUNDER because if it’s one thing we love, it’s artists taking the reins of their own destiny and doing it THEMSELVES, regardless of budget, circumstance, odds, or anything else standing in their way.

Here’s a more detailed look at the story from Nj himself:

Nadia has been in Korea for almost two years, and one week before her contract ends and she gets to fly home, the demon epidemic takes root. She and three other English teachers have used her now almost vacant apartment as a Safe House scavenging for food in the nearby apartments.

The film begins about a month after the infection and they’re still alive. But Nadia is the only one convinced that both the American Government as well as the Korean Government are not going to help them. Three to one, she is stuck. But after they meet a surviving Korean woman, Minji, they learn the dire truth about what will occur in Korea in a few days time.

Then it becomes a race against time to both overcome the demon hordes roaming the streets of Seoul and find a way to escape.

The film is very much about the fear of taking chances.

It’s definitely a literal manifestation of my own fears of failure and never succeeding. Each character is afraid to face their own futures and ultimately, that leads them to their destined paths as the film comes to a close. It asks the question, “Are you afraid to die or are you afraid to live?”

We all leave college and our academic lives behind and have to find a way to guide our own lives and this film explores it using the metaphor for Demons representing “everyone else” and how we have to choose whether to join them and follow their ways or to pave our own way.

I finally chose to pave my own.

“The worst foe lies within.”





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14 10 2010

WOW, love the concept! Shucks, this is exactly what I needed to hear ito how fear can cripple you! I’ve seen the trailer and looking forward to watching the movie!

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