6 10 2010

.. is amazing.

welcome to one of the most epic and unforgettable adventures eric and i have ever had.

as you’ll see in a moment through the pictures below, FORT TILDEN is pretty much everything we love rolled into one: beaches, shoreline, trails, wilderness, but also history, grittiness, graffiti, ruins, abandoned buildings. organic yet industrial, it’s a sprawling harbor park on the rockaway peninsula that still bears the remnants of its former identity as a US military base. the base was established in 1917 and decommissioned in 1974, but there are still fortifications (as well as bunkers, magazines/storehouses, and artillery railways) hidden in the dense foliage.

eric and i stumbled across quite a few of these on our journey, and even went in to explore the often pitch black rooms and pathways armed only with a camera flash to light things up (!!). exploring fort tilden was intense, spooky, surreal, strangely beautiful, but more than anything – absolutely exhilarating. it is these kinds of experiences that make us so thankful to live in new york city where you don’t even have to leave the five boroughs to have an insane adventure in a place that seems like an entirely different world.

you can find out more about fort tilden on military railroads of the NY metro area, urban ghosts mediaforgotten NY, and of course the official NY harbor parks site.

here are some snaps from our trip – you can view many, many more on the SNT flickr.

want to go exploring yet?! WE DO! fort tilden, we’ll be back!

once again, to check out many, many more photos from this trip, check out our set on the SNT flickr.


– audrey leopard




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7 10 2010

Hey guys, thanks for linking to my site, Urban Ghosts Media, and it looks like you had a great explore! Love the pics and you definitely found some cool places, including the abandoned railroad station. Is that Battery Harris West you’re in? I didn’t check that one out on my tour but plan to head back next time I’m in NYC!

11 05 2013
Erin Gulliver

Hi and my name is Erin Gulliver a.k.a Emily Pine and I am related to Thomas “Tommy ” Oliver and I think you have found my second home thank you.

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