Tales from the Internetz: Glimpse into an Alternate Universe

5 10 2010

Nah ok clearly I am currently incapable of snatching up media from a parallel universe and presenting it to you here BUT this is close enough:

This is a pilot from which Fox later created VR Troopers but seeing Tommy from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the lead character is almost disorienting. I’m all like “That’s Tommy, oh shit.”

Speaking of Power Rangers and alternate shows that lead me to feel this is the closest thing to an alternate universe I’ll ever view because of the similarities to what I already know and love…

The Super Sentai Series, created in about 1975, adapted their 1992 release of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger into our Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Watching that almost makes me scream ‘FAKE’





2 responses

7 10 2010

re: zyuranger intro – HOLY CRAP! i KNEW there was a reason the pink ranger had a skirt and the yellow ranger DIDN’T! it’s because the yellow ranger was originally played by a GUY!!!!! holy crap, i need to lay down. i knew the shoddy quality of the fight scenes in power rangers had to be attributed to something. naw, i’m lying. BUT NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSEEEE – da leopard

7 10 2010

ps i love that it’s TOMMY named ADAM dressed in RED like the RED RANGER… thank god they ditched cybertron and hooked up that ill VR troopers beginning!

pps who recorded the music? exactly the same peeps who did the power rangers music? where are these people? why aren’t they our friends?

ppps if this was from the same peeps that created power rangers, was tommy on power rangers yet or was he just whoring everything saban came up with?!

see also:

5:17 that’s totally jamie kennedy

and also:


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