THE GIRAFFES: the show to end all shows

18 09 2010

so. THE MUTHAF&@*(!&#(*! GIRAFFES, rock/surf/metal straight out of BROOKLYN, NY. in short: ridiculously, insanely talented. ridiculously, insanely funny! awesome! raunchy! ingenious! one of the best bands EVER and a band that has been close to the cap & i’s loins hearts since we saw them way back in 2006.

they literally put on the show to end all shows every time they play (hence the title). these boys have been up to some hardcore awesomez since we last wrote, and – well… YOU! NEED! TO! KNOW!

1. THE GIRAFFES SHOW. FINALLY the divine madness of a LIVE giraffes show is officially caught on DVD – and CD! the giraffes show (available for purchase online!) was filmed at union pool in BK last summer and you KNOW we had to be there. so we were! we also got interviewed for the special features, AHEM. watch the trailer!

2. ROCK BAND. FINALLY, mainstream video games have caught the f@#& up: ‘DONE,’ a sick track from the giraffes’ last full-length, prime motivator, can now be purchased for rock band. grab that shiz HERE and check out a preview below.

3. NEW JAMZ A-COMIN’. or so we are told on the book of the face, and a HELL of a back-catalog you should check out NOW. their last (unofficial) release was the very aptly titled the giraffes ruled EP, which is just insane. 2 tracks that immediately come to mind: ‘the border’ rips your face off, and ‘the city’ is just a total nasty/gorgeous mini-epic. unfortunately it doesn’t seem like you can snag it online but only at shows. orrrr if you wire the cap & i some $$z (see also: gifts &/or hallucinogens) WE can snag it for you. if you know what i’m sayin’.

4. you know what else you should check out? SNT ALL UP IN THE ACTION.

here’s my super-juicy review of the giraffes for QRO Mag, and the grand finale, mr. whiptastic’s video of ‘the border’ and ‘done’ from the same show. DOUBLE YR PLEAZURE.

the giraffes RULE! yes, in present tense, because they continue to do so.

– da leopard!