tales from the internet: hyperbole and a half

18 09 2010

just in case you didn’t know… things that don’t make sense are AWESOME. case in point: the total hilarity that is HYPERBOLE AND A HALF!

it always delights my strange little heart to stumble upon some kind of cartoon/flash animation/comic/etc that portrays life the way i see it – over-exaggerated, cartoony, and insane. pretty much. you know, all those weird sound effects that you make, the anime-like expressions you imagine yourself having, the outlandish circumstances you conjure up when you’re going along or talking to your friends.

hyperbole and a half is amazing because it’s about REALITY and how totally whacked off menial things can be. it’s the shiz you don’t even realize you’re doing or feeling until you see a cracked out looking cartoon staring back at you, making you laugh, and pointing to the fact that no matter how different we seem, we’re all going through the same annoying, confusing, torturous, weird crap.

this just makes it funny.

check out some of my favs!

– sneaky hate spiral

– the awkward situation survival guide

– this is why i’ll never be an adult

– world’s best relationship tips

– expectations vs. reality

allie brosh, YOU RULE. you are super smart, sharp & perceptive in addition to being a hilariously expressive artiste. check out more hyperbole and a half on facebook & twitter.


– da leopard

ps: next time you have a bad day, remember to visualize yourself as a hyperbole and a half cartoon and LAUGH about it. A LOT.




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