2 03 2009

these charming fellows need NO introduction.

3 words: demented. rock. GENIUS. taken to a whole new level.
and when i say whole new level, i mean, head mics AND backup dancers. and lipsynching to get to the grammys. ERR — i mean, RAW TALENT.

electric six‘s tyler spencer (not to be confused with the didjeridu player of the same name.. [what?] and perhaps better known as e6 frontman dick valentine!) and fall on your sword‘s william bates come together to form..


evil cowards live @ their FIRST SHOW, mercury lounge on 2/13/09!
filmed by captain, of course..


check these TENDER MOMENTS (‘my mind is rotting’):

as you can see, the cap & i were in the nosebleed seats. ;D these clips are three of EIGHT the cap has posted on his youtube. check them all out!!

they opened that night for deadbeat darling [i LOVE their song ‘picture perfect world’], who packed the house — it was their single release party for ‘without a trace’ and their first official NYC sellout. i actually really, really dug them. they have a record coming out in the coming months, and a gig @ piano’s on april 9th..

and i don’t know about you.. but i fucking love evil cowards. mr. spencer, you are completely insane. but the best kind of insane there could ever, ever, EVER be. EVER. insanity is awfully close to genius, right? RIGHT?

from their myspace:

“Tyler Spencer is an American. Nowhere is his robust Americanism more pronounced than in his ode to the two most American of endeavors – love and war. In the funky ‘Sex Wars’ we pay homage to the greatest generation, our GIs and our jarheads. Yes, they went overseas and they killed some guys, but they also liked to fuck. Somehow the two things become the same. That’s what this song is about. And it’s catchy!!!!!

William Bates in an Englishman. The album closer ‘Chopping Up the Teacher’ is sung by Bates in his native tongue – English. When you are English, anything is possible. You have abandoned the Church and your toes are still tapping. But you still need to confess. Best to do it while you are pissed and hanging out with your mates at the Hawley Arms.

To summarize, Evil Cowards are releasing their debut album entitled ‘Covered in Gas’ on May 5 on Metropolis Records [DID YOU HEAR THAT, KIDS?!??! that’s actually also the date ELECTRIC SIX comes back to their unofficial home @ THE BOWERY BALLROOM!!! fuck yes!!!]. Every song on the album is catchy while bathing in the majesty of William Bates’ unique production. The band will do live performances over the summer that promise to be as entertaining as the record itself. Choreography, nudity, live animals, prosthetic limbs – all these things will feature in the Evil Cowards live show. Neither Electric Six nor Fall On Your Sword are ceasing operations [thank jesus]. Evil Cowards are here to stay. [woohoo!]”

and that would be that, ladies and gentlemen. i can’t wait till the cap puts up the last vid.. [yo cap.. are you going to?!] let’s just say that after the final moments of evil cowardice a hipster behind me exclaimed, ‘that was the raddest thing i’ve ever seen.’ but no, little trendy scum of new york city, that was BEYOND rad. rad does not exist in the evil cowards’ vocabulary.

just love. and war. MAKE IT. make them both.

sugar & thunder loves fucks you. HARD.




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