When In Doubt Think To Yourself…; aka get schooled on gONNA gET gOT & The O

26 01 2009

As I’m always desperately on the lookout for new music that is not full of whiny little bitches or self loathing/righteous folkey shit sung by men in their mid 20’s sounding like men in their late 80’s I am usually left bitterly disappointed. Cus it seems like that’s all there is… Lucky for me I came across Brooklyn’s own, gONNA gET gOT. The tracks off their 2008 release My Microphone and their compilation of GGG’s earlier incarnation tracks Bills 4 Skills Vol.1 (according to GGG “A B4S track, for those of you not in the know, is a song Trip Jeezy and Co. does about whatever the fuck you want… could be yer GF, yer fam, yer job, yer dick, yer… you get the picture.”), remind me of the good old days where songs that made it on the the radio and MTV were MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd good, and were it still those days it would be no sweat for these guys to be all over you like genital warts on a 47 year old hooker.

Now gONNA gET gOT is led by the man who calls himself by that very name, (also Trip G, Trip Jeezy and simply… G and formerly Drugorious in the years past in The O). This man has the illest (damn right I said illest!!) rhymes you’ve every heard come from a white guy without trying to sound black (you know bling, bling nigga, nigga, nigga). And with an actual band behind him (Most recently comprised of Ry Pilla on Drums, Davey P on bass and Suga Ray Chambers, DJ and backing vocals) he mixes a punk vibe with an upbeat style and harmony and lyrics so goddamn descriptive, catchy and clever, it’s almost as if you’re reading a book about the guy. A book filled with anecdotes ranging from fucking a fat bitch in a bathroom to dealing with his personal pains of fighting for success.

Through his past with the band The O to his career now with gONNA gET gOT, G has been rattled with disappointment and pain that, unlike most people these days, he uses only to fire up his passion to lay down another track. (In this past month alone, right before heading off on the Escape The Wintour with Screaming Mechanical Brain and Shiragirl the relationship between band members crashed causing them to cancel all of their planned shows and tearing them apart as a band altogether. But in G’s own words, “For those who have followed my “career” trajectory, from the O through gONNA gET gOT, you know there is no reason to worry that this bump in the road will keep ol’ Trip Jeezy down. gONNA gET gOT will be back in effect sooner than you think.”)

Now finding gONNA gET gOT can only lead back to one other band… The O. A band that still is hard to find, but not forgotten in the least (maybe cus it’s just not easy to Google a band with a name like that — it’s like looking up that band “!!!”) Going back to the late 90’s to the early 2000′ s The O was blasting ears over in England then back to their hometown in NYC.

Now i have a little history lesson here for you, seeing as how Wikipedia rejects The O’s existence (they reject mine as well) i feel like telling it …(there’s a lot more to this story then what i’m about to tell but… i don’t know it …)

Now The O was most importantly composed of Drugorious (guitar and vocals), nEPo (Bass and Vocals), and the Burnman (Drums), and other members have come and gone along the way. With Drugorious and nEPo both singers, the band had two varied sounds. One side (Drugorious’) was a younger version of the GGG of today. The other (nEPo’s) is self described as electroweed pop (Before you ask, a deeper look into nEPo’s sound will come sometime in the future).

Back in about 97′ The O made their way over to the UK after landing a genuine label deal with Polydor Records. The O produced their first full length album Nightmerica. Though G has a low opinion of the album, they released the “critically acclaimed singles” Get Wasted Time, Now, and Xmas At Bob’s. According to nEPo’s own web page, “Get Wasted Time was named single of the week by both BBC Wales and London’s X-FM, and UK music rags such as NME, Melody Maker and Kerrang heaped seemingly endless praise on the band.” Most unfortunately despite their growing success, Seagrams (yeah the Ginger ale and Gin company) bought out Polydor, and got rid of all the label reps and support for The O. After being apparently thrown out of their home by a brick wielding landlord, The O returned to Brooklyn. During that time they teamed up with Mindless Self Indulgence and Producer James Galus, who… well..I guess things didnt work out there. Regardless, they produced two more albums, Mutant Home Demos with the hits “Anal Thermometer,” and “Ernie’s Dead,” and later released “Junk In the Trunk”.

Though now they have called it quits, you can still buy all three albums from the band here at cdbaby, also available is The O: Side A a Dvd Packed full of music videos, live shows, and interviews.

And yes.. nEPo is still out there with his new studio working on tracks for you to smoke up and freak out to. Just give him a year or so … ha so Fuck you Wikipedia there’s the story you won’t print..(well part of it) and Are they really that hard to find on the Internet?.. not if you look.. here’s some more links..(yeah I know I’m using some Wikipedia links .. only to prove them stupider)


What would Drugorious do?

– Da Capizzle




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