Rumanian Buck

22 12 2008

Rumanian Buck

As if the release of Prime Motivator wasn’t enough, The Giraffes’ singer Aaron Lazar brings to the world some new tunes with a side style known as Rumanian Buck.

Now I would write more but I actually already have. So if you click on this link here (which brings you to a very awesome magazine worked on by none other than Sugar – n – Thunder’s resident Leopard), click on music on the left side bar and scroll past a couple of other awesome music reviews, you will see an article on Rumanian Buck written my by alter-ego, Eric Sanchez.


El Capitan WhiptasticO  (that’s what a person with the last name Sanchez would call me)

P.S. Check out Lazar’s new freaky styles in the music player over to the right (“Slippercrumble”!)

P.P.S. I’m working on getting more footage of Rumanian Buck’s Debut at Santos Party House during the Punk Rock Pillow Fight, to cut together something pretty. Update on that shizz to cum.

WORD, it’s the leopard. -laughs hardcore @ el capitan whiptastico- oh, spanish people. rumanian buck was AWESOME, i was seriously floored. even more SURREAL was the way the rest of the giraffes, goes cube, and others were dancing around and jumping up and down on the pillow fight mattresses while RB was playing. crack fantasy, much? I LOVED IT. haha. speaking of which, check out these pix from the show from metromix & the lovely jackie roman over at limewire music blog. YEAH!




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