semi precious HELOISE @ mercury lounge 10/11

2 11 2008

ok, SO! we have some catching up to do..

the first recent show the cap & i caught was the result of a (literally) last minute choice between heloise & the savoir faire @ mercury lounge and tragedy (the metal tribute to the bee gees!) @ bowery ballroom on october 11th — we were trying to make it out to BOTH! tragedy was part of a tribute wars show with girls girls girls – the all chick tribute to motley crue, unchained – a van halen tribute, and queen bitch – an all girl tribute to david bowie, and heloise was supporting headlining band semi precious weapons.

WELL. we rolled up at bowery, saw the showtimes pushed back, and decided to make a run to our usual uber russian liquor store stop (recommended by none other than drew from the giraffes!) when we’re in the area — KGB LIQUOR on essex street! what what.. haha. [on a total side note, this is AWESOME! talk about getting to know the history of someone you interact with but never really get to know.. matt townsend from the blog “all the news that’s fit” talked to KGB owner/manager leonard yerusalimsky and made a slideshow! fuck yeah! KGB love.. haha] ANYWAY! we ended up getting lost en route to KGB, and when we finally made it we ended up being just in time for heloise @ mercury lounge.. so we stayed! sorry, tragedy ;( we still love you!

the cap & i first heard about heloise & the savoir faire through their guitarist, james, who we actually met at a golden dogs show! small world, eh? on 10/11, they had unfortunately already started their set by the time we worked our way thru the crowd (that shit was packed!), and the whole time i just remember thinking, I WISH WE WERE CLOSER!!! we’re NEVER towards the back at a show, but this time we had no choice! even so, it was plain to see that heloise & the savoir faire is super fabulous — they play funky, disco-tinged rock & roll with soulful vocals and totally engage the fans with outrageous dancing and silliness.. it’s great! this quote from heloise herself sums it up: “I’m writing with a sense of, ‘Let’s have a good time,'” concludes Heloise. “We’re poking fun at everyone, and everyone can point fun at us. Everyone is in on the joke.” and if it’s one thing the cap & i love, it’s being tongue-in-cheek and knowing how to have a good time.. especially when DISCO is involved!! they should hop on the bill with e6! [speaking of which, apparently, brooklyn’s fall on your sword is filling the golden dogs’ slot at the e6/local h show @ webster hall nov 22nd.. i’m still undecided on what i think!] heloise & the savoir faire are also signed on elijah wood’s simian records — even more of a small world?! awesome.

photo by michael lavine

photo by michael lavine

photo by michael lavine

ALSO — the band performed on fearless music tv yesterday (nov 1st) — i couldn’t find the video yet, but i hope it’ll be up soon! for TONS more on heloise & the savoir faire, visit

the next act that night was another brooklyn outfit (emphasis on the outfit?!?!), semi precious weapons. oh MAN. the look of terror on captain’s face said it all. don’t get me wrong, we’ve got nothing against them, and we stayed for their set, but i don’t know.. their bleached blonde, stiletto-clad little firecracker of a lead singer, justin tranter, just seemed a bittttt too similar in attitude/style to the quintessential myspace pseudo-celebrity, jeffree star. it’s just.. ahJKHHDJKAdka. i’m all down with the fabulousness but.. WHY!

 <– jeffree (vomiting froot loops, what else?) [photo ©jeffreestar]

 <– justin, just chillin’ on the floor.. [photo by justin hyte]

[click for bigger images.. if you DARE!]

.. -shrugs-

haha.. i found out later that justin has his own jewelry line, random celebs like to hit up their shows, they were voted NYC’s best band in a village voice reader poll, and, oh yeah, none other than “queen of all media”/pop culture gossip hound, perez hilton, absolutely adorrrrres them. he’s been plugging them as “the next big thing” (check the backlash in the comments.. ouch), and speaking of which — he recently did a dainty little video interview with their lead singer (of course). i DO get where justin is coming from: “rock n roll is supposed to be a show and it’s supposed to be crazy, and i think people should fucking get dressed up and get over yourself.” BUT.. when this: “in my mind when i’m performing i’m a mixture of kurt cobain and lil kim” is combined with lyrical gems like: “sometimes i cry cuz it makes my eyes look bluer, sometimes i bleed cuz red is a good color on me” or “put me in a see-through coffin”……… you just might wanna vomit some froot loops yourself.

ALSO for the record: i DO kill what’s left of my brain matter by flicking thru perez hilton dot com (it’s fucking funny! gotta love the cum stains/dicks/funny shit he draws onto his pictures.. AND when he had his show, “what perez sez” on vh1, he showed a pic of marc anthony and called him SKELETOR.. PRICELESS), AND jeffree star actually seems to be a human being here. i’m 100% supportive of that cause..

but.. yeahhhhhhhhh. i don’t know. bad publicity = good publicity? CRACK. it’s hard to comment on this. jeffree, as an artist, is just wack, and semi precious weapons — i couldn’t really get into them, and i’m not sure more KGB booze would’ve fixed the problem. ;D i guess i don’t like my lead singers super CUNTY califragilisticexpialidocious..?

ps this entry has been a shitfest to put together, i’m going to bleed some glittery, fabulous, semi precious blood on wordpress.. or something.


– da leopard




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3 11 2008

“super CUNTY califragilisticexpialidocious..?” hahahahahahah

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