this never gets old

25 10 2008


and by this, i mean THIS.

thank you, robot chicken.

fucking classic.

LMFAO. story of my life ;D

the gummy bear scene is one of the sure-fire cures for depression, in my opinion..

just like electric six’s golden debut, FIRE.



i’m sure we’ll go into greater detail on this topic in the future but BREAKING FUCKING NEWS. first thing i noticed.. the electric six site is updated with FLASHY GRAPHIX! because electric six’s 5th album just came out this past week.. secondly.. the golden dogs are not touring with electric six and local H?!?!??!?!?!?!

“DETROIT, Oct. 14 — Electric Six regrets to announce today that due to circumstances beyond their control, our friends The Golden Dogs are unable to join Local H and us for any of the scheduled tour dates. This does not change the fact that we believe The Golden Dogs are the best live band we’ve ever seen.”

why?!?!? why?!?! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“If you are in a band in any of the towns we are scheduled to visit, you may be doing the math and realizing that there are some open support slots available now. The decision for any bands that may be added to bills will be made by local venues and local promoters only. Neither Electric Six nor our booking agent, The Agency Group, will be involved in deciding who fills the vacant slots.”

there are 2 things i’m thinking.

1) FUCK. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. this was going to be one of the most insanely amazing shows EVER.

2) i wish THE GIRAFFES could fill the slot in NYC (11/22 @ webster hall). oh sweet baby jesus.

JDSklajsklaJSaklSjakl i don’t know what to say! this sucks so hard.

i hope all is well with the golden dogs!! sugar -n- thunder loves you!!!

more updates soon..

– audrey




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