23753 Busdicker is a Main Belt Asteroid With an Orbital Period of 1204.1651672 Days (3.30 years)

20 10 2008

Tho I’ve been gone I have been plotting and planning… “for what?” you may be asking… and to that I say 1)2012… and 2)nothing in particular… but I did make a VERRY short film with my brother. It’s about a goth guy who wakes up and Gay Bar from Electric Six haunts him through his electronics. It’s simple, quick and entertaining… especially the last eighth of a second. If I say any more I’ll just ruin the whole thing…

So watch and love

I suggest hitting the “Watch in High Definition” if you watch it from youtube.. it lookz betterz.

And with that said… next film will hopefully be “Ogden.” Which is about a man who is either a 1930’s senator that somehow is stuck in the present or he’s just a crazy guy.

Ha! Busdicker…




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