I Died But Now I’m Back

21 07 2008

Well since i’ve been gone Audrey has been doing a great job at keeping the masses posted on the happeninz. You know coming back from the dead reminds me of Mulder from the X-Files (anyone remember that he died then was somewhat replaced by the T-1000 form Terminator.. then comes back later… or something)

Speaking of which

X-Files Movie… and a new Terminator Movie! with Christian Bale as fucken John Connor!!! Which reminds me of Batman The Dark Knight which just came out!!!

Woah I have to stop, lets break this down… This post is officially about movies,

But i dont have much to say, that is other than they are coming out, i guess links will suffice:

X-Files Fuck Yeah!
Terminator: Salvation
And as far as Batman is concerned well just go fucken watch it.

Should I elaborate more on my concerns involving movies that are too well made and the possible effects on American youth? Well to make it short, the Government has been doing an excellent job at dumbing down our brains with reality television, especially anything on MTV. It’s all mechanically separated, artificially flavored bullshit with a nonexistent amount of depth. Movies like the X-Files Batman and Terminator (not counting the dirty queef that was T3) make people think, and the Goverment can’t have that.

It’s the same reason why they outlawed LSD, DMT and Psilocybe… and killed John Lennon.

– Captain




One response

22 07 2008

i literally just had to look up what “Psilocybe” was. obviously i’m not as cool as you are.



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