HOLY NEW ALBUM, BATMAN!: electric six

21 07 2008

holy shit! breaking fucking news.. ELECTRIC SIX ANNOUNCES NEW ALBUM!



from their myspace:

Electric Six Announces the Impending Release of “Flashy”

Electric Six, in conjunction with Metropolis Records, is proud to officially announce the North American release of our fifth record, entitled “Flashy”, on Oct. 21 of this year. Release dates in other territories will follow.

“Flashy” was recorded at the Colonel’s very own Hamtramck Sound Machine studios.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Gay Bar Part Two
2. Formula 409
3. We Were Witchy Witchy White Women
4. Dirty Ball
5. Lovers Beware
6. Your Heat is Rising
7. Face Cuts
8. Heavy Woman
9. Flashy Man
10. Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart
11. Graphic Designer
12. Transatlantic Flight
13. Making Progress

A music video for “Formula 409” was recently shot in Detroit, Michigan and should be made available for consumption within a couple weeks.

For now, you can hear the entire record, all 13 songs at once, on our myspace page. And we are delighted to preview one track, “Transatlantic Flight” by its lonesome. This is a very important song.


so THAT’S why “flashy” sounds like a zillion songs being played at once! oh, you trixy electric six. ;D and wait a minute.. did they just say “GAY BAR PART TWO”!??!?!??! fuck yes..?!?!??!! and “face cuts” just sounds delicious.

anyway.. CHECK IT OUT! they’ll also be on a ROCKS OFF boat cah-roozing around NYC in a matter of weeks! WEEKS! -grabs computer monitor and shakes it-

okay yeah, so.. hopefully we’ll be writing more soon.. ahem, captain ;D the giraffes @ mccarren park were fucking brilliant/hilarious as usual, by the way, and we actually managed to get into THE BREEDERS show at mccarren park pool — they were AWESOME, but i think the second opening act stole my heart.. MATT & KIM! more on that with links to pix & video soon. oh, and we were also around for the snoop dogg/311 (?!) show in coney island.. on the outside, that is. HAR.

rock steady,

– da leopard





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