HOLY SHIT.. aka goldfinger, fun with ska, awesome people and new shows!

27 06 2008

check this video from the NYC goldfinger show! you can’t see us cuz the shit is mad grainy BUT we’re totally there when you see everyone onstage singing mable!!!!!!!!!!! totally sweet! ok back to your regularly scheduled programming.. ;D


WE FUCKING GOT ONSTAGE WITH GOLDFINGER LAST NIGHT AT ROSELAND BALLROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

there’s no words to describe how awesome the concert was. they fucking OWNED it. insanely. they had so much energy, feldy was stage diving left and right, and aside from “get up,” they played THE OLD SHIT!!!!!!!!! starting with “spokeman” and ending with “99 red balloons” and with “open your eyes,” “san simeon,” “superman,” “my girlfriend’s shower sucks,” “here in your bedroom,” “counting the days,” “miles away” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and of course “MABLE”! in the middle, which we got onstage for! insane. the crowd onstage was jumping around and holding feldy above their heads — he almost tumbled off but he fell onto captain lmfao, SWEET! BEST. SHIT. EVER!

the energy in the whole place was great, everyone was jumping and dancing and there was a circle pit.. AND a kid from the audience ate a twinkie out of someone’s a$$. delicious. i was laughing too hard to catch who it was, haha.. AND the opening bands were really entertaining as well, beginning with orange county’s suburban legends — who apparently have ridiculous(ly amusing?!) choreography added to their pop/ska/rock. madd points for originality, boys! seriously, though, they were totally fun. next up was boston’s westbound train, who brought soul and ska and reggae together with that awesome old school flavor. and soul, man, SOUL!!!!!!!!!! totally, totally, totally dug it.

you know what i loved about the whole thing? AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! all three bands we saw that night (we didn’t get to stay for less than jake) got the audience involved with jumping and dancing and call-back singing and splitting the audience up to compete in echoing the lead singer. so fucking fun! a great combo of bands but together but without a doubt goldfinger OWNED IT. when a sharply dressed feldy screamed to everyone to JUMP THE FUCK UP, EVERYONE jumped the fuck up! their bassist, kelly, is also ridiculously entertaining to be in front of while they perform, hahah ;D


our perrenial favorites, THE GIRAFFES , are playing mccarren park on july 12th for the brooklyn kickball all-star weekend(!?!??!), in addition to a MUCH looked forward to rocks off concert cruise on august 29th! FUCK YES! in other news.. captain’s 21st birthday giraffes show @ bowery ballroom needs NO introduction but certainly many, many THANKS for heads rocked and lives changed ;D “finger the world, pain is temporary.. PRIDE IS FOREVER!!!” immortal words from drew and damien. <3 also, DEMANDER opened the show and were seriously fucking great! put them on your list of bands to see.

may we also recommend checking out these fucking fantastic brooklyn musicians.. LEO (alternative/electronica/IDM) and TRISTAME (rock/alternative/acoustic)?!?

AND nicole atkins sounds just like she does on CD live and in living color — saw her at the socrates sculpture park in LIC on july 17th. AMAZING. ohyesohyes.

more soon, i hope!

rock steady!

– audrey


ps OH MAN how could i forget, the golden dogs came back to NYC to play an, as always, AWESOME show at bowery on the 20th! lesson learned: never scream “BULLSHIT!” to a band without an explanation! ;D we also got the heads up on another totally fun and disco-ed out electro/rock band, heloise & the savoir faire, who we have yet to see live because of life suckiness, but is also on our list. ROCK!




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