THIS is what i’m talkin’ about: nicole atkins & the sea

4 06 2008

oh man. i think i’m going to be obsessed with this girl soon.. she can sing, oh man can she SING!

ladies and gents, introducing nicole atkins & the sea. they’re playing a free show at the socrates sculpture park in LIC on june 17th, which is why i’ve been seeing her everywhere. i finally took the time to listen to the band this morning and loved the sound — after which, i was totally floored seeing them perform on david letterman awhile back. WATCH THIS. it sounds strange to say, but i literally got chills watching her sing. i think it was because her voice just soars on CD (or on the myspace tracks, rather), and then to just watch her belting it out and sounding just as great live.. just wow. and i LOVE the artwork she uses for her album, “neptune city” — it totally reminds me of old coney island. girlcrush much! more on nicole.

in other news, THE GIRAFFES ARE COMING.. !!! bowery ballroom june 12th, baby! AND.. the texas firehouse in LIC rocks. there’s really nothing like listening to live music on a ROOF and having no one bitch at you about it. in addition to humor, awesome art, and just an all around good vibe.. i even left my cell phone in the bathroom, panicked when i went back in and it wasn’t there and thought someone had definitely stolen it.. only to find the DJ had it. SWEET. more about this later ;D

oh and ps KEEP YOUR EYES ON LOLA STAAR! her dreamland roller rink NEEDS YOUR HELP and there are TWO benefits (june 13th and 15th) planned for NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! they should be totally fun, and helping the dreamland roller rink reopen is a GREAT cause.. pps anyone notice the “reithoffer’s playland” that just went up in coney island in the space where the go carts and batting cages used to be?! awesome surprise the other night — good to see more amusements and less empty lots. fuck that shit!

rock steady!

– audrey




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